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BSBDIV301 – Working With Diversity Navitas Professional AU

The following questions refer to the topic of diversity in the workplace. Conduct research and using Microsoft Word, answer each question below. Once you have completed the questions, upload it into Moodle for marking. Please use complete sentences; checking grammar, punctuation and spelling.

1. Identify four (4) major cultural groups including two (2) cultural and two (2) religious groups you are likely to work with in the Australian workplace and outline two key differences of each group identified.

2. For the groups used in Question 1, explain how did you source information on these cultural groups and provide the information sources in your response.

3. List and explain at least three (3) key concepts that you know about Australia’s anti-discrimination legislation

4. In what ways do you think employing people of different ages, with different abilities and from a range of backgrounds and cultures could benefit your organisation and other organisations? Can you see any disadvantages?

5. Identify two (2) methods of reasonable adjustment you would undertake to ensure participation by people with disabilities in the Australian workplace

6. What types of discrimination have you experienced or are you aware of? List at least two (2) types of discrimination in your response.

7. What communication skills do you need to promote diversity in your work team to improve performance and interpersonal relationships?

8. Explain at least two (2) ways Australia’s cultural diversity aids the economy and society in relation to workforce development; with consideration of the contribution to Australia’s position in a global economy 

9. Provide a definition of social justice and how it relates to workplace diversity in the Australian culture.

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