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Full Question

Identify the importance of social media marketing and its impact on businesses.


  • Analyze the reasons for companies to utilize social media marketing as an important method of attracting more customers
  •  Evaluate the impact of social media marketing on the growth, profitability and brand image of a company
  • Evaluate the social media extent and how it helps in consumer decision making process
  • Evaluate and suggest strategies for businesses to meet the expectations of customers by use social media marketing

Research Questions

The research questions are as follows-

  •  How can businesses benefit from use of social media marketing?
  •  What are the different ways in which social media marketing influences consumer buying process?
  •  What are the different ways social media platforms used by companies to reach its target market?
  •  What impact does an enhanced strategy of social media has on a company’s brand impact and profitability?

Word count (15000)

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