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Prepare A Strategic Report of Singapore Airlines- MBUS650 Business Strategies

You have been asked to prepare a strategic report of Singapore airlines.  

The Directors are interested to know what will be critical success/key result areas to attend to (commonly known as critical success factors CSFs) in order to reach their stated goals.

Motivate why the particular areas that you have chosen are seen as critical to achieving the set objective(s).

Prepare a business strategy reoport  of the company to inform them of the essential insights you have developed about the firm and what value it could have for them.

You should also cite some supporting literature that you may find as you conduct your research.

  • concise (5 page max) strategic report for the singapore airlines executive management and board answering their specific questions regarding the topic expected.  
  • You may place supporting material in appendices.  
  • You are preparing a BRIEF for SENIOR management/BOARD LEVEL – focus, be precise, do not waffle, be concise.
  • The executive summary is of utmost importance.

Your advice relates to pointing out which factors/areas are critical and need specific attention IN ORDER TO MEET THEIR OBJECTIVES

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