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For this assessment, you will critically analyse and evaluate a series of case studies and provide suggestions that reflect your own knowledge, experience, and ideas for improving organisational outcomes and systems.



A short introduction for both case studies (e.g. what case studies are you djscussing, and what the purpose of this assign ment is).

Please note:

After the introduction, jn the body, you have to discuss two case studies separately in two sections. Follow the Rubric. If you see the Rubric, you can see that there is a clear indication of two separate sections for two case studies.

For each case study follow the structure below:

A). A short overvievv of the case: (what is the case about, location, organisational structure, national culture, and political climate)

B). Theoretical analysis and evaluation:  1). Respond to only T'1VO (2) Questions from each case study with in-depth analysis and

evaluation of key theory, if there are case study questions; 2). If there are no case study questions, then critically analyse and evaluate the key theories.

Please note: Embed and describe the

managerial implications and your reflections from personal e.>'..Perience in responding to the case questions/evaluating the theories. (Further note: you need to apply your intellect how you will embed your reflections and managerial implications in responding to the case


  1. C) Recommendations : Provide

recommendations on improving managerial and organisational outcomes for each case study separately.

Conclusion: A combined short conclusion on two sections/two case studies.

Reference list: (Harvard style)

Similarity Rates: Must be below 30%

*  Note:   Please follow the Rubric criteria in preparing your assignment


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