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Career Success Assignment- What You Learned About Your Chosen Occupation in Last Week-s Career Awareness Assignment

You have worked hard for the past 7 weeks and are hopefully leaving the course with a clearer picture of your academic and career path, along with a toolbox full of strategies to help you have a successful journey. For this culminating assignment, you will reflect on the readings, discussions, and assignments you have completed throughout the course. For example, as you review what you learned about your chosen occupation in last week-s Career Awareness Assignment, did you discover aptitudes or skills that you will need to develop- What did you identify as the next steps that will help you reach your career goals- Moving on to this week and your exploration of your personality preferences, did you identify any preferences that could pose challenging to the expectations of your chosen occupation-Use the insight you have gained to identify a potential obstacle to your career success. You will apply the 5Cs one last time to this obstacle and share your work in a narrated PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to do the following.

Define the Challenge:

  • Identify a significant challenge and explain why this challenge presents an obstacle to your career success.
  • Identify the Choices- Identify as many options as you can for addressing the challenge.

Predict the Consequences:

  • Identify the two best options for addressing the challenge and explain why.
  • Identify the pros and cons of each option.

Choose an Option: Set a deadline for putting the choice into effect.

Identify what you need to do to implement the choice. Who will support your choice- How will your life look after your option has been put into effect- What thoughts or behaviors might sabotage your efforts and how can you control them Check the Outcome- Explain when and how will you know if your option was successful. Carefully review the grading rubric below.

Download the Career Success PowerPoint Template as your guide, review the presentation guidelines slide, and complete the information requested on each slide. When finished with the written portion, add narration within PowerPoint or record your narration using Kaltura. You may add additional slides as needed, but your content should be presented in bullet points. In your narration, avoid simply reading the bullets as you want to expand on each of the bullet points.

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