Refund & Revision

Revision and Refund Policy of

The management understands the urgencies of customers who wish to revisit their order by either cancelling them or revising them. We therefore provide the following provisions for ease of understanding.

In Case Of Cancellation

1.Cancellation before assignment of a writer

If the customer wishes to cancel the service or revise it with another service, then the customer can do so at the same price or free of cost as no one has been appointed for the assignment and no tangible work has begun.

2.Cancellation after assignment of writer

If the customer wishes to terminate the service after a writer has been assigned, no refund shall be provided as the writer has been assigned and she should be paid for the work that she has begun with.

In Case Of Double Charging

If the customer has been charged twice for the same service or has received payment confirmation or bills of any sort from our payment partner PayPal or others Payment gateway, the customer is advised to approach the management and provide the bills though email. The redundant payment will be refunded in wallet as soon as possible.

In Case Of Unavailability of Writer

Despite the combing measure we take, we cannot vouch for finding suitable writers for the assignments. In such rarity, we promise to refund the charged amount only in Wallet.

In Case Of Rework

The website’s 100% satisfaction policy guarantees that the writer will rework the assignment until the customer finds the work satisfactory. That being said, the writer is instructed not to entertain any rework requests after a 60 days time frame after accepting the assignment.

In Case Of Dissatisfactory Results

Our team strives hard to provide the best services and produce best outcomes for your assignment. Incase such a rarity exists where the assignment is termed a “fail” by the examiner, the management promises to provide upto 100% refund with our deepest regrets. Provided that you send the management via email an authentic proof of failure within 31 days of accepting the finished assignment from the writer. Establishing cause and effect, the management will fire the assigned writer.

Provision of Details

The onus of providing the necessary documents is on the customer. In case a the rarity of not providing the work on time arises, the writer is instructed to produce better content to not disturb the over all grades.

Note: Refund will be only in the student's GotoAssignmentHelp wallet(No bank account or cash refund). In the case of double payment, the additional money will be adjusted only in next assignments of the student.

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