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Question: Write an essay on: Shamrock Rovers F.C.: Is Free Exposure Good or Bad?

Answer: Shamrock Rovers is an Irish based football club from Tallaght in South Dublin. The club was founded in the year 1899 and 1901 ("Shamrock Rovers FC » History", 2017). The place in which the club was first heard and is deemed to have been found is Ringsend with Shamrock Avenue being the main base for the committee of the club, to stage meetings. The club's early wins were in 1904/05 and 1914 in the Leinster Junior League and the IFA Junior Cup ("Shamrock Rovers FC » History", 2017). Shamrock FC is known for winning 15 titles which elicit the dominance of the club in the Dublin in their Milltown Base in Dublin Suburb ("Shamrock Rovers F.C. -", 2017).

Question:Write an essay on: Shamrock Rovers F.C.: Is Free Exposure Good or Bad?

Answer: In the given situation, the following essay is about Shamrock Rovers F.C, which is one of the most well-known and largest football clubs in the SSE Airtricity League with a rich historical background along with high profile players in the team. As a result, the Shamrock Rovers club has always tended to be in the media spotlight. As a result, it can be estimated that the amount of media and television coverage the club is getting from the RTE, the Hoops is one of the main audience of the national broadcaster. Also, the coverage and publicity the Shamrock Hovers are receiving, it benefits the club. Still, the management of the club wants to stop the coverage of the broadcast of their games for the remaining season.

Question: How income statements are prepared using marginal and absorption costing.

Answer:The principles of marginal costing and absorption costing can be used in the preparation of income statements. In particular, the principles of absorption costing have to be employed in the preparation of financial statements for external uses. One of its fundamental principles encompasses the inclusion of a portion of all costs of production in inventory and units produced. On the other hand, the purpose of utilizing principles of marginal costing encompasses using them for making decisions internally (Walker, 2005). The purpose of this paper is to assess the preparation of income statements under the principles of marginal costing and absorption costing, outlining the different formats income statements and how they are reconciliated. The paper will also assess the shortcomings of each approach.

Question: How income statements are prepared using marginal and absorption costing.

Answer:This report is designed to develop understanding about the way or process, in which the income statement is prepared under absorption and marginal costing methods. The report also provides the knowledge about what is income statement along with its importance in evaluation of financial performance of a company. This report is also helpful in getting the knowledge about difference between different types of costs and the cost allocation ways used under both marginal and absorption costing methods. Finally, the report facilitates table format of income statement under absorption and marginal costing methods.

Question: Analyze the different methods of employee engagement strategies practiced by Frishco’s HR department.

Answer A lot of strategies have been adopted by Frishco’s human resource department in order to better engage their employees (Breevartet al., 2014). One of such methods is tomodify the organization’s business culture so as to meet employees’ immediate needs while not severing their values for the organization in the process. One means by which this has been achieved is to periodically change the leadership style of the organization. The leadership is maintained but the style is made flexible so that the needs of employees are met.

Question: Analyze the different methods of employee engagement strategies practiced by Frishco’s HR department.

Answer Employee engagement refers to work place approach those results to the right conditions that apply to all members of the organization. All employees are supposed to be committed to the goals and values of the organizations. For the employees to be committed to the organizational goals, the employees have to be motivated ensuring organizational success. For the employees to be motivated there needs to be employee engagement that will ensure that all the concerns of the employees are known and that will ensure success of the company.

Question: Write an essay on various models of change management.

Answer Change is the constant reality of life and managing it through learning to adapt to it takes time, energy, efforts and training and which is why many scholars have come up with defined models to manage change. Change management involves the application of these methods within certain framework to move business from its present state to a desired one. The main benefit of its application is that it helps to increase the chances of a business staying on its budget or schedule that in turn leads to realization of higher benefits. For adopting one of the many effective approaches and models, an organization must first know the reason of changes and its benefits.

Question: Write an essay on various models of change management.

Table of Contents What is change management? 2 Controlling to change 2 Adapting to change 2 And effects of changes 2 Models of Change management 2 Change Management Model-Lewin 3 Unfreeze Change 3 Transition 3 Refreeze 3 McKinsey 7 S Model 3 Kotter’s Eight Step model of change management 4


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