5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing A College Assignment


Students hate writing; teachers hate grading – the feeling is mutual. But it’s a necessary evil to pass the exams, we have to undergo this process. We can all get through this quickly if we avoid doing some stuff that our professors absolutely hate, and start acing our assignments like a pro every time!

Here’s a rundown of the top five things recommended from assignment help services that you must avoid while turning in a paper. We bet online assignment writing companies will vouch for it, too.

Here are top 5 things to avoid:

Plagiarism | 5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing a College Assignment


  • Plagiarism: Professors go medieval on plagiarism. It’s a cardinal sin and should be punishable by law if there is such a thing! Why you’d ask? Because it’s stealing someone else’s work and then lying about it – both bad things we’ve been taught to stay away from since childhood. Also, it’s a bad practice to plagiarize stuff because your teachers aren’t that stupid or ignorant about technology. They can tell if you’ve stolen ideas, even if you’ve changed the sentences as per Copyscape.  Plus, they might also be using the same software, and it could land you in trouble if you get caught. You could be failed, or in serious cases, be suspended or expelled. Why risk your career over a minor assignment? It’s better to just hone your writing skills because trust us, you’ll need them a lot beyond the college world. Remember, don’t plagiarize; give credit where it’s due. If you’ve to use someone’s work, either take permission or just quote and cite them.

Writing Too Much | 5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing a College Assignment

  • Writing too much: Another thing you must take care of is to stick to the specified word limit. Going way above the word limit in some cases is considered alright by professors if your content is of the exceptional level; it shows your creativity and knowledge of the topic. But, in most cases, it could also show that you lack discipline and focus.

Writing too less | 5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing a College Assignment

  • Writing too less: Similarly, writing way below the word limit is also not a good practice. It’s often a sign of a lack of creativity, knowledge, or in most cases, pure laziness. Professors can construe that you don’t take the job seriously to put enough thoughts into it. Research and rework if you’re coming up short. Remember, professors are hard-pressed for time, too and you only have a tiny window to make your mark. So, exercise your judgment.
Beating around the bush | 5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing a College Assignment
  • Beating around the bush: No one likes this, especially today when our attention spans are low, and we’re all pressed for time. You need to be specific while attempting your college assignment. Most students tend to veer away from the topic rather than focusing on the specific request.

Irrelevant | 5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing a College Assignment

  • Avoid irrelevant content: Another mistake most students often commit is including irrelevant information. In fact, you tend to lose more points for not focusing on what’s asked than for making errors in your writing. Depending on your content, your professors can consider if you choose to write a shorter paper below the word limit specified, rather than peppering it with useless stuff just to increase the word count. Also avoid using clichés or obvious hooks like “Since the dawn of time, man has been at war.” It’s so obvious and shows lack of originality. Your professors spend a lot of time in creating assignment sets, and you need to respect that sentiment. They will not appreciate if you don’t answer the specific question or include irrelevant stuff; it detracts from the overall work and wastes their time.

Spelling & Grammar | 5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing a College Assignment


  • Erroneous Spelling & Grammar: It’s hard to give an A to a paper that is peppered with spelling and grammatical errors. Same goes for typos as well. It shows carelessness and a lack of focus, and you could lose a lot of points for that. It also shows your level of education and learning in all these years; not to mention, if you keep this up, it’s going to cost you a lot in your professional life as well!

Proofreading | 5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing a College Assignment

  • Not Doing Proof Reading: We all have a lot of free, handy tools to run a spelling and grammar check on our papers these days – use them! Always proofread your paper the old-fashioned way before turning it in. It’s important to give a thorough read as we are so much involved in putting down our thoughts while writing that we tend to miss those typos or ‘auto-correct’ (courtesy Word software). Human judgment is the best when it comes to proofreading as no spellchecker can catch those homonyms! If possible, take someone’s help as an extra pair of eyes can always spot things we might have overlooked. Also, remember – no formatting blunders. All papers have specific formatting instructions. You need to stick to it. Professors don’t appreciate deviations as it conveys indifference or lack of diligence.

Clarity | 5 Things You Must Stop Doing While Writing a College Assignment


  • No clarity in thought-process: This is one of the grave errors you can commit. Every paper should display clarity in ideas. You must give a logical flow to your ideas, so it’s clear to your readers what is going to come next. Remember, college papers aren’t like writing a murder mystery where you’ve to surprise your reader. You must present your central argument clearly by building up facts. And it should appear in an orderly manner as it’s very frustrating to read a paper when you don’t have a clue as to what is going to come next or whether a point has been made in the whole process. Writing simple, logical sentences makes your teacher’s job a lot easier as it makes a decisive contribution to your thesis and advances your arguments in a constructive way.

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