6 Techniques to Help You Slay the Math Monster


“Dear Algebra,

Stop asking us to find your X.

She is not coming back.

We don’t know Y either.”

How many of us have laughed at this repeatedly? It takes me back to those old days in school when we used to crack similar jokes, marvelling on the futility of such subjects. But once you grow up and you are looking for finance assignment help, you realise the importance of mathematics and wish you could start fresh in school.

Those of you who are in school right now have every right to detest the subject (we know, we’ve been there). But know this, maths is one of the most critical skills you can learn right now. And it’s not that tough if you put your back into it.

Here are a couple of pointers that will help you to improve your maths grades at school. These also hold good for grown-ups like us who must practice it before looking for any finance assignment help online.

  1. Rote-learning won’t work

  • A common mistake all of us commit is to treat math like any other subject. It’s not. You can’t just memorize models or procedures.
  • Every equation is different and just because one set of steps have worked for one equation doesn’t mean it’ll work for the other.
  • Teachers should explain the concept of ‘why’ behind the fundamental math problems rather than teaching the ‘how’ of it.
  • This will help students grasp the fundamentals better. After all, a strong foundation is the bedrock of a stable structure.
  1. Participate to learn

  • Math is a practical subject and requires active participation. It’s not like history where you can be passive, memorize a few dates and events, and be done (though history is also coming alive these days!).
  • You need to wake up from your slumber and make more and more connections between various concepts.
  • Remember, if you’re not able to understand a topic, don’t just leave it and move on. Master it, as more often the topics are inter-related, and you can’t learn one without knowing the other.
  1. Practice makes a man perfect

  • Math is a subject that demands constant revision. You need to practice the subject as much as you can to become proficient.
  • Everyone’s learning curve is different, so if you don’t get a concept in a few tries don’t get dejected.
  • The key is to be focused on the subject matter. Today, there are a lot of resources you can utilize to master the subject.
  • You have various interactive apps, games, puzzles, and other online videos/resources that you can use to learn math.
  1. Make a friend

  • Math is a subject, which can be learned quite well in groups. You can always approach your peer and ask him/her to be your math buddy.
  • Everyone looks at a problem and a solution differently. It’ll help you if your buddy can clarify a concept that has been bugging you for long.
  • Such group exercises often help adults too in their professional lives, and I don’t think why students can be any different.
  1. Be a teacher

  • Another great way to improve your math grades is to request your teacher to make every student ‘a teacher’ for a class and explain the concept.
  • Explaining a concept to others is a great technique to memorize or master a subject as well as clarify doubts.
  • If there is something wrong with your explanation, your teacher will be right there to correct you!
  • This way, you will also remember where you went wrong, and there are fewer chances of you committing the same mistake again.
  • Similarly, you can learn from other students and clarify their doubts. And who knows? Sometimes, students turn out to be better teachers than teachers themselves! Teaching, after all, is an art.
  1. Write it out

  • Last, but not the least. This might be the most basic, but math can be mastered perfectly if you write out the solutions.
  • Working them out in your head is a technique a lot of students try, but it doesn’t work. When you write out the whole steps, it makes the concept clear in your mind. It also helps you to break the problem into logical pieces and steps.
  • This will help in reducing those careless errors you make in exams and make a remarkable difference to your grades.
  • Practicing previous years’ papers will also help you gain a mastery of certain concepts.

Math can be complex, but only in your head. Once you practice the above-mentioned pointers, there’s nothing complex about it. The key is to be consistent and never lose hope. Often, students get everything right at home and mess up during the tests. It is nothing but anxiety. Math is definitely not a monster. And even if you think it is, take your time to be diligent and don’t get rushed. If you’re careful with your work, you can slay any monster.

As for the grown-ups, for every finance assignment help query, there is a finance assignment help available online. Because, well grown-ups rarely change!

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