How to Ace Your University Exams


What’s the magic mantra for acing the exams just around the corner? Isn’t that what everyone wishes for? If we could all wave the magic wand like Hogwarts alumni, our lives would be so easier, right? I remember before the declaration of results, I used to pray that rodents would attack and eat our papers everytime or some storm would blow away our answer sheets!

Well, if you follow some of the tips below, you can pass your exams in flying colors and don’t need to resort to stupid tactics. We’ll show you how

Important information- How to ace your university exams

Bite-sized Information

Processing information in bite-sized chunks sometimes helps rather than having an entire topic in one go. Divide your topic into portions that you can easily remember. For instance, if you’re studying about World War II, study one incident at a time, so you remember all the details better. Or let’s say you’re reading a conflict management assignment help section, take bite-sized info; talk about the background of the conflict, types, reasons behind conflicts, and the resolution, ultimately!

Practice makes perfect- How to ace your university exams

Practice on Available Models

It always helps to practice on the past versions or last year’s tests. It not only gives you a good idea of the paper format but also helps you set a timeframe for answering each question.

Create Your Own Tests- How to ace your university exams

Create Your Own Tests

It’s a good idea to do a lot of practice tests before the exams to prepare yourself. Studies have shown that practice tests work better than reading the same text again and again.

  • Don’t depend on the material given.
  • You can create your tests; research shows that this challenges your mind and helps you retain more of the subject matter.
  • You can make flashcards or use an app. Asking a friend to quiz you also helps.

 Take Help of Visual Aids- How to ace your university exams

Take Help of Visual Aids

Visual aids are an effective tool to retain what you have learned. Jotting down the main points is also a good tool, but if you could create a sort of flowchart or diagram and arrange all the information around it; not only it makes learning fun, but it will also help you retain more. Studies suggest our mind recognizes patterns and diagrams more easily than the endless paragraphs. Take the supply chain for example. If you are reading the online supply chain management assignment help, then you could organize the players, processes, best practices, challenges, solutions – all in different boxes. Give a different design to each box, connect the dots, make some sort of relationship. Voila – you have totally nailed the subject!

Reduce Distractions

It’s a common, but effective technique for acing exams. There are a lot of distractions for us today to keep us from concentrating on exams. Block those barriers, and you can pass your exams in flying colors. Block your chats, turn off notifications, block the regular websites, listen to instrumental music – engage in all the measures temporarily that takes your mind off studies. You can also resort to extreme measures like cutting off your cable or Netflix subscription altogether for the exam period if the above measures don’t work! All for the greater good, remember.

Teach Others How to ace your university examsTeach Others

This is a most popular technique adopted by students. Practice it in your group study classes or with your friends. Discussing a subject with your friends or debating about it in a group is a far more effective technique than reading and practicing alone. You can also use your pesky siblings (or relatives!) to explain to them the concept of what you’ve learned. Whether they understand it or are interested in it is their problem! You just focus on the learnings as saying it out loud in front of others makes you retain a concept better. If you consider everyone around you to be a four-year-old child and then explain the concept, not only will it make your concept solid but it will also help in the retention skills.

Don’t Leave Out the Easy- How to ace your university examsDon’t Leave Out the Easy

When studying for an exam, ensure to revise easy portions as well along with the tough ones. You can choose to prioritize them at the bottom rung, but don’t make the mistake of leaving them out, altogether. Most of the times, students tend to lose out on points as they don’t get the time to revise the easy portions and then mess up on the test. Always, set aside some time for the ‘easy.’

Prioritize Time- How to ace your university examsPrioritize Time

This is a no-brainer, really. We all know how time is of essence while preparing for the exams. If we organize our stuff beforehand and assign priorities, it makes our lives a whole lot easier rather than doing everything just a day before the exams. Set a timetable for yourself and allocate time for breaks in your schedule. You might think that you’ve assigned sufficient time for a subject, but unless you start studying it you won’t know how hard or easy the portions are, and the chances are that you will end up spending a lot of time on the easier portions, leaving you lesser time for the harder ones.

Brain Breaks How to ace your university examsBreaks

Studying constantly leads to monotony; your brain no longer functions, and you don’t retain anything. Taking regular breaks will help your mind to focus better. All individuals are different; some are early risers while some like to burn the midnight oil. Contrary to popular notions, there is no good or bad time to study. Everyone’s brain processes information differently and is simulated at different times. Figure out the time of the day in which you are most active and energetic and plan your study and break routines accordingly.

Study Daily- How to ace your university exams

Study Daily

Well, we kept this last as we all know this but seldom follow it. Studying on a daily basis helps you know more about the subject and saves you the stress from the last-minute cramming. The practice also helps you understand your weak areas or identify the tough concepts of the subject matter at hand so that you can work on them.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to ace your exams like a pro. Good luck!

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