Top 10 Step Solution to Getting Over Exam Stress


Never skipping a meal, staying hydrated and other things that help you maintain your cool during your exams.”

There have been constant debates on the topic of whether exams are necessary for us or not. However, most of us can agree that it is absolutely necessary, for various reasons, like testing one’s caliber, understanding where you belong to etc. However, exams are not an easy task for everyone. For anyone who has been or is currently in their school or college life can vouch for the fact that exams are students’ worst enemies. They can stress you out, bring out the worst in you, you eventually have a meltdown just before the exam, thus ruining your entire preparations. Exams bring out an inherent fear in every one of us. However, unless and until you conquer that fear, you will never be able to ace your exam and that will only create more fear in future.

Hence, Follow These Few and Easy Steps to Get Over the Fear of Exams and Score More than What You Expect

1. Keep Track

It is well advised to keep a track of whatever is happening in every one of your classes. This does not mean just listening to a few lectures and taking a few notes. This means understanding where you stand with your lessons and knowing how far on the track you are, personally and as a whole class. Thus, keep track of whatever goes on in class, every inch of progress that the teacher makes the portions required for your exams is essential for your entire preparation. Having a little notebook so that you don’t fall off-track is also well appreciated.

2. Plan Ahead In Time

To ace your exams without fear, it is essential to know what you are doing, even at the last moment. This will help you maintain your cool just before the exam. Making it necessary to plan much ahead in time for your exams. Planning does not exactly mean starting your preparation. It means that you plan when to do what. To be more precise, you plan on when and how to prepare what portion of your text for your exam. It is almost like a pre-look to your actual preparation planner.

3. Stick To Your Timetable

After you plan how to prepare and when to do what, it is essential to devise a timetable of when to be completely in sync with your study materials provided. This timetable, unlike the one that the institution gives out to everyone, should be more personalized and more comfortable for you so that you feel at ease while preparing for your examinations.

4. Stick To Your Target

When you start preparing for your exams and create timetables, it is mandatory to stick to a certain target that you need to achieve during a day or a certain number of hours in order to actually go with the entirety of the plan.

5. Revise Ahead

Eventually, when you are done with all your preparations, all you need to do is to face the examination. However, before that, you need to revise everything once again to refresh your memory. This process of revision cannot be something that you do in the eleventh hour. It should be done at least a few hours before you enter your examination center to avoid last minute panic attacks. However, if you do realize that you have left out a certain portion of the study material unprepared or underprepared, you should understand that there will be no good that comes out of preparing it in the last minute, even during your revising time.

6. Ask For Help

When you are preparing for your exams, it’s common to have a lot of doubts with regard to your portions and you might feel a little pulled over to ask for help. Nevertheless, it is essential for you to get over that hesitation and ask for help, from a fellow student or the concerned faculty. It mostly helps when you are preparing with a peer or a peer group.

7. Sleep Well

It is always important to sleep well and extra important if it is during the time of your examinations. When you are taking up your exams, how much every effort you put in, it is totally acceptable if you go through a little stress and that can be removed only when you sleep sound during the night. However, there are a few night owls out there who can only prepare during the night and not early morning. For you, the advice would be that you can stay up all night, but not to miss a lot of sleep. Meaning, you would have to take back the sleep you lost during the night, in the daytime.

8. Do Not Skip Meals

As important and necessary as sleeping well during exams is to not skip your meals. Keeping a full stomach can make you fall asleep. However, walking around in an empty one will only worsen your health after adding up with all that exam stress. It is also equally important to drink a lot of water and keep yourselves hydrated during the entire preparation time.

9. Finally, Relax

Now, you are done planning, preparing timetables, studying and revising and it is finally time to ace the examinations. In order to do that, you need to keep your cool even in the examination hall. If you see a question that you don’t know an answer to, you need to take deep long breaths and relax before you start freaking out and forget to answer the other questions too. It is sometimes common to blank out of a certain portion of the study material. Closing your eyes and re-imagining your preparation tends to help you regain most of it.

10. Lastly, Learn To Accept

Once you are done preparing and have taken up the exams, it is necessary to accept that you had done your best and let it go, even if you feel dissatisfied with the exam. You need to forget about the outcome inside the exam hall. If you feel that you did too good in an exam, lingering on that fact can get over you and stop you from preparing for the next one because of the over confidence and the opposite can stop you from preparing for the next exam due to the disappointment. Staying neutral and concentrating on the next one can help you a lot. Everything will be shown in the end results.


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