Ace Your Exams While Also Being a Sports Junkie- Tips To Be the Timely Nerd

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College or university is it either of the two, most of us becomes a part of it believing that the best phase of our life is awaiting us there. Though it happens to be true in many scenarios, it is not always flowery for everyone. Along with the fun and frolic that you get involved into, you are also expected to keep a track of your academic records since your entire life might just depend on it.

On the other hand, you are also expected to be an all-rounder to appear “note-worthy” or popular. So it can end up being a difficult task to maintain a clean academic record and an all-rounder record with the amount of time that a person gets.

But, with proper scheduling and planning, you can actually ace that task and emerge, as the prodigy of your academy.

Here are some tips from us, carefully crafted and put together, to help you achieve your goal without wasting an ounce of your precious college time.

1. Plan Meticulously

The first and foremost step that you have to follow before you set out to achieve any kind of goal is to have a clearly formulated plan with you. Unless your plan is clear and you’re comfortable with the same, you can’t expect to achieve your goal anytime soon. For this, set out to plan your entire way until you reach what you want.

If you want to score well academically, then plan exactly what is that you hope to do to achieve that. Make a list of things you would do each day of an entire month before the exams.

The most important reminder here shall be to push yourself to and stick to the plan that you meticulously formulated.

2. Decide If You Want Silence or Brightness

The next step would be to decide what type of a person you are. Are you a night owl or an early bird? Why is it important you ask? If you decide what time of the day you are comfortable with, as a person, then you can choose to prepare academically during that time. This will help you be more aware of what you learn and helps you retain all that information.

If you are an early bird, then there is no use in staying up late before the day of the examination and squeezing your brain for information storage and if you are a night owl, then it will be a herculean task for you to wake up early in the morning to prepare.

Hence, it is better to decide whether you prefer the silence of the dark or the brightness of the day and then proceed with your preparation.

3. Divide and Rule

This is the simplest concept in history- Divide and rule. It is applied in every phase of our life and, being a college student, you should make it a common factor in your life. With the innumerable tests to be taken, projects to be submitted, researchers to be undertaken and deadlines to be met, you just need to follow the simple law of divide and rule.

If you have too much work, divide it proportionately and carry out each task within constant intervals within a certain time frame. This will ensure that your work is carried out quickly and within a limited time. Also, you won’t feel stressed out or bored by carrying out the same task for hours in a stretch.

It is quicker, easier and less stressful.

4. Take Up Credit Courses

Credits are a huge part of a college-goer’s life. Your entire higher study probably does depend on it. Your credits are partly based on your marks and internal marking by the teachers. However, if you feel your projects would not fetch you the necessary marks or your exams won’t, then you can opt for any kind of credit-courses that your college must be offering.

Credit courses are extra courses that you have to study separately without any academic guidance. Most of these are general and unrelated to the stream that you follow since it shall be common to all students in the college.

Taking up a credit course shouldn’t take up a lot of your time because they’re mostly simple topics or subjects. However, they’re capable of fetching you that extra credit that you yearn for.

5. Peer Pleasure

Most times, getting into a wrong group of friends during your college term can bring you great misfortune and a lot of missed opportunities and can lead you to do a lot of things under “peer pressure”. Nevertheless, if you feel you are the right ones, then use it to everyone’s advantage.

Friends can be great teachers during most occasions and different people have their forte in each subject. Hence, each person in a group teaches the rest with whatever they are good at. This way, you get to cover a lot of topics within a stipulated period of time.

6. Keep a Track

Very much like planning your entire month before your exams can begin, you also need to carefully keep track of your academic updates.

Whatever parts of a subject are being covered on each day, every project that you carry out, each research paper that you write should all be kept track off.

Tracking your academic developments can help you stay aware of what you are yet to complete and what is upcoming.

This can save a lot of time that you might waste when you plan while starting a project right from zero and also helps you stay relaxed, without having to run around during the eleventh hour.

7. Take Some Time Off

Though the main aim is to score well academically without wasting a lot of time, you should also try not to stress yourself out too much. That can break the entire plan.

So, it is important to take some necessary time off before you restart every semester and do the above, all over again. You need to indulge yourself in something that you enjoy the most, clear the entire stress off your back and let loose before another semester hits you hard.

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