Top 5 Steps to Improve Your Homework.


When it comes to finishing your homework not all of us do it with concentration and with sincerity its due to distraction or your way of doing homework is boring and not fun. You can learn to strategies in finishing your homework on time and learning something from it. Follow these techniques to finish your assignments or homework efficiently and stay focused too.

Step 1: Preparing For Your Homework

when sitting down for the completion of your homework or assignment make sure you have all the items that you need in completing your homework. Keep your room tidy and clean so that you don’t have to invest your time in cleaning up the room that you had allotted for doing your work. Sit with the mindset of staying focused on your work and not on your friends. If you get a call from them say that you will call them as soon as you are done with your work. Do some exercise before you sit down to do your work? This increases the flow of your blood and activates your mind. Follow these few steps when preparing for homework

A) Find A Quite Place To Do Your Homework

Don’t sit next to someone who is annoying. If you cannot find a quite place to study at your home, head towards your library. Libraries are the best place to do study, read and do your work. With your homework you can even go through the books that are in library, it will help you do your homework with more information and you might learn something new with more depth and breadth.

B) Gather Everything That You Will Need To Complete Your Homework

Everything you need to complete your homework keep it read such as clock to keep a track of time, Stationeries, water to keep your hydrated and some snacks so that you don’t have to leave your room when you get a little craving.

C) Beat Distractions

Keep your phone aside while doing your homework because they are the perpetuator of distractions. Avoid using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc other social media forums. If you need to find anything don’t use your phone. If you need computer focus on the information you need and not checking your social media accounts. Use phones during the break time that you have allotted. Listen to some soft instrumental music because they help in improving concentration .It does not work with everyone but you can try and see if it works for you.


Step 2: Doing the homework

To immediately switch your brain from watching TV mode to reading and studying mode is difficult. Give your brain a chance to flip into studying mode and that can be achieved by meditating for few minutes or you can even flip through pages of your textbook to get the mind set. When doing homework focus on these things first.

A) Finish The Hard Tasks First

When asked students which is the effective way to start doing homework ,most of them said that finishing the tough subject first and then getting back to the easy ones is the effective approach because the difficult task that was getting on your way will no longer be an obstacle later.

B) Speak Loudly While Doing Your Homework

To stay focused while doing your homework speak loudly for example if you aren’t able to understand an answer about mitochondria read the answer loudly so that the struggle of staying focused is tackled and helps your mind to be centered on what you are doing. Some of you might find the idea of doing your homework with reading or speaking loudly silly. Here’s another way, you can whisper while doing your homework. This is helpful because you are hearing what you are thinking and this can help with creativity.

C) One At A Time

Do one task at a time. Finish the initial task. With what you started give priority to that. Skipping to the next without completing the first one will lead to in completion and backlog. So make a list to what you are going to do first followed by the next task. In recent studies it has been proved that multitasking lowers your IQ and cognitive abilities on each task making the work tougher.

D) Set Proper Time

Know when it calls for you to quit with your work. Working late hrs to complete your homework would fetch nothing but making your brain tired and depriving you of sleep which would lead to more tiredness the next day when attending class with very less concentration. Once you start mixing your studying and sleeping time you will face problems in organizing, budgeting and calculating your workload. Set a time for everything to save you from unnecessary dullness and tiredness.


Step 4: Staying Motivated


Motivation is the key to do everything. If you are not motivated you cannot proceed with anything. Thinking of doing something constructive? You need to be motivated. Motivation helps you taking steps further towards the path of excellence. Without motivation you cannot reach your goal. Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated it can be due to various reasons such as:
Lack of will
Occupied mind etc.

There are various other reasons that make it difficult for you to stay motivated. In those times just sit for some time and do nothing and let those thoughts come into your head and go. Do not control them because if not today tomorrow they will pop up again in your head. With those thoughts there comes the energy that determines the motivation idea. So when experiencing thoughts that project the dull idea of doing work, all you need to do is let them come and go just like visitors that come and go. Remember those are just thoughts you don’t have to believe them. Afterwards, do some exercise, play some outdoor sport, listen to music etc. This will help you get the motivation and energy that you need. Read something positive that will boost your confidence. Things that you can practice that will help you stay motivated are

A) Drink Water

It is the most essential ingredient of motivation. Only when your brain is hydrated you can think of something productive and stay active about it.

B) Be Careful With Caffeine

Don’t drink too much coffee. Don’t drink coffee more than what you need it will make it harder for you to concentrate on your work. For some students caffeine gives much needed boost of concentration power while for others jittering around like a squirrel. Best way is to stay hydrated or drink some juice that will give you exact amount of power to stay motivated and give your brain the needed juice.

C) Completing Homework with Your Friends

You can try out working with other people. It’s a good change. It can help you out with working open and your friends can help you keeping accountable. If you have a problem with math and they see you using Facebook they can immediately point that out and keep you in track.

Step 5: Reward Yourself

After you complete your homework reward yourself. Working like ninja isn’t a small thing. Treat yourself with something that you want for example going out to watch a movie or calling your friend at home to play something fun. Working toward something fun helps you stay motivated. After each task reward yourself with something small and depending on the type of task also. Make sure after each task you don’t get carried away with the rewards in that way you won’t be able to finish your work set for the day.


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