150 Innovative Nursing Research Topics 2021-22 for Expressive Content


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While pursuing a nursing degree many students face the difficulties of projects given by the institutions. Besides being time consuming it is stressful too. But what makes the students puzzled is when they are told to choose the ideal research paper topic for their project. But students can’t choose any topic that frequently comes to their mind. If they want to score high they need to choose the topic very wisely. Now, what is the solution? So, without spending more, let’s check the topics and choose anyone for your projects. Here are the 150 unique research topics for you that you can choose to get good grades and draw teachers’ attention.

50 Unique Research Topics

  1. Nursing in Marijuana Management and its Control
  2. Effect of Antibiotics in Small Kids
  3. Apology Regulation and Legislation
  4. How Social Media and Pop Culture Provoke Bad Habits and Illness among Youth
  5. Treatment of Patients Who Stay in Jail
  6. Patients’ Security and Human Factors
  7. How Various Types of Eating Disorders Can be Dealt?
  8. Self Medication and Healthcare Home Service
  9. Effects of Seizures in Young Adolescents
  10. What are the psychological impacts of infant treatment?
  11. Principal of medical uniform code
  12. What kind of therapies are used to treat speech disorder
  13. What ethics are to be maintain in pediatric care
  14. Pros and cons in telemedicine
  15. What ethics are followed in healthcare sales promotion campaign
  16. What is autism and what are its main symptoms?
  17. How to maintain safe sex culture
  18. Importance of preventing child obesity
  19. What obligations are followed by pharmacists
  20. Consummation of pregnancy and its effect in female health
  21. Why vaccination is needed for kids and teenagers
  22. How to manage diseases and its prevention process
  23. Reasons, symptoms and treatment of ADHD
  24. What obligations are faced by every nurse in any situation?
  25. Importance of healthy nutrition and hydration
  26. .Issues related to gestational weight gain
  27. Case study of analyzing the positive birth experience
  28. Continuous treatment and care of midwifery
  29. Recommendations of Postnatal period
  30. Kits for self instructions
  31. Mental causes on Anorexia Nervosa
  32. Rules need to be maintained for pregnant women who have obesity
  33. Childcare services integration through primary medication
  34. How maternal practiced in urban areas
  35. How quality of evaluation techniques are maintained in healthcare through medicine
  36. Evaluation of childbirth efficiency
  37. Consequences of abortion in women
  38. What strategies are used by government to finance healthcare system
  39. Top measures taken to prevent pregnancy
  40. Reason of headache
  41. Disorder of sexual health on women
  42. Contemporary neonatal practices
  43. Symptoms in ER that is impossible to explain by medicine
  44. Rheumatoid arthritis and Opioid usage
  45. How providing spiritual care can make sense?
  46. How to heal bone injuries
  47. Effective measures to be taken if burn-out in the nursing profession
  48. The effectiveness of Tele-care and e-care
  49. Contemporary approaches to
  50. Effectiveness of pet therapy for kids who suffer from autism disorder

50 Interesting Research Topics for Nursing

  1. Evaluation on pain restrictions
  2. Why should the healthcare system be free in the world?
  3. How to treat homeless people
  4. Moral implications of euthanasia
  5. What protocols are taken in headache treatment
  6. Ethical aspects in infertility
  7. What is phantom pain and what does it stand for?
  8. Best practices for nurses
  9. Children’s health insurance – a right or privilege?
  10. Vaginal atrophy – its causes and effect
  11. Issues related to menopause
  12. Medicine field diversity
  13. Reproductive endocrinolog
  14. How to treat insomnia
  15. Future of medicine
  16. What measures should be taken to prevent breast cancer
  17. How to reduce stress during night shifting
  18. Treatment of sleep disorder
  19. Outlaying intensive treatment until questions
  20. Analysis of ovarian disorder
  21. How to cure migraine
  22. Roles of clinical nurses
  23. How to increase the efficiency of asthma management
  24. Sports medicines – its principles
  25. Gap between male and female healthcare professionals
  26. Methods taken to recover after physical trauma
  27. Symptoms of bipolar disorder
  28. Gyno education for youths
  29. Gender bias in nursing profession
  30. Dental health in the US
  31. How to control blood pressure at home
  32. Reason of type-II diabetes
  33. How to lessen body temperature at home?
  34. Novelty in Clinical cardiology
  35. Basic palliative care
  36. How to treat with non-English patients
  37. How to reduce stress
  38. Restrictions in medical contracts
  39. Can grains help to prevent cardiovascular diseases?
  40. Difference between contemporary and alternative therapy
  41. Procedure of CV Imaging
  42. Safe and wise medical decisions
  43. What are forbidden substances in medicine?
  44. .Anxiety disorder and how to cure it?
  45. What are cold and cough medicines?
  46. Know about caesarean section
  47. Acute coronary syndrome care
  48. How to treat schizophrenia
  49. Self-care management
  50. Reason of hypertension

50 Popular Research Topics for Nursing

  1. Effects of mirror therapy for stroke patients who are partially paralyzed
  2. Compare public health nursing models in different regions
  3. Case study on weight loss program
  4. Effects of abdominal massage on sick
  5. Relationship between teenagers’ aggression and video games
  6. Preparation of a nurse for primary healthcare
  7. Effects of PTSD in the US army
  8. Pain management for patients based on race and gender
  9. Engagement of family in primary health-caring
  10. Usage of alcohol for old in nursing homes
  11. Awareness about menopause for female
  12. Ethics of psychiatric patients
  13. How to manage pain
  14. How to get rid of alcohol
  15. Effects of osteoporosis in female
  16. How end-of-life care intervention work?
  17. What is cold therapy?
  18. How to treat acne and other skin diseases?
  19. How to detect an abused aged patient?
  20. Cause of depression
  21. What to do when an elderly refuses food
  22. How to lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  23. Role of a good leader in nursing profession
  24. .Cooperation between nurses and healthcare workers
  25. Issues regarding joint among aged
  26. Demands of critical care
  27. Policies of government in hiring healthcare professionals
  28. How to cure stroke
  29. How to prevent infectious diseases
  30. Water birth – pros and cons
  31. Research on atrial fibrillation
  32. Can a nurse prescribe medicine?
  33. Skin-to-skin contacts of mothers and its effects
  34. How to improve emotional health of nursing
  35. Therapy of bladder cancer
  36. Newborn rejuvenation practices
  37. How mental health effects on ageism
  38. Importance of music therapy
  39. Labour threats of pre-term
  40. How to cure Alzheimer’s diseases
  41. How to built a strong nursing communication
  42. What creates threat to mother’s health during delivery
  43. Behaviour assessment in pediatric primary care 
  44. How to treat restless legs
  45. Tips for antenatal treatment
  46. How exercise helps to improve mental health
  47. Causes and effects of Parkinson disease
  48. Behaviour of delivery room
  49. Morals in Geriatrics
  50. Problems faced by spouses of the patients who have dyslexia.

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