Catalogue of Essential Linking Words That You Can Use in Your Assignments


Are you stuck in your writing? Want to know about the list of linking words that you can use in your assignment? Then this blog will help you to know those words, whose usage can make your assignment interesting and it will surely give you a distinction from others. So, without wasting time let’s know these words with the help of our assignment writing help experts.

Many times while conversing with others we have experienced that they have jumped from one topic to another and no doubt it’s a weird experience. It makes you difficult to stick connected with. Here linking words will help you to remember it properly. So, in this blog we will understand it better by using linking words.

To avoid losing your readers’ attention while moving to another point, the first thing you need to do is think properly and weave your plot and work accordingly. This will give your reader an outline of ideas to pursue. To make you understand it properly and assist you to write your assignment successfully we have accumulated a list of words that you should know before writing any piece.

Definition of Linking Words

Seeing the name you can understand that linking words are those words that create an attachment between sentences. It helps the writer to frame their assignment thoroughly. The main purpose of using linking words is to build the bridge between your thoughts and writing in the assignment.

Most of the cases readers don’t want to give extra effort to read your assignment and understand the inner meaning hidden in it. so, before starting writing, be sure that your writing is simple and easy to understand.

Types of Linking Words

Sometimes we all find it really difficult to form a conclusive assignment. It you want to make your assignment enriched with material and deck up with information you need to arrange it properly and then represent it. But before doing so, you should have the skill of using linking words otherwise all your efforts will go in vain. Here linking words play a significant role in any writing. Here we will discuss mainly 7 types of linking words that will surely help you while writing your assignments.

  • Words Related to Order and Sequence: first, second, third, fourth etc, then, next, after, primarily, secondarily, first of all, thus, so, once upon a time, in the beginning, hence, at the same time, previously, in the end, following this,
  • Words Used to Show Comparison: like, as, similarly, equally, likewise, in the same way, compared to etc
  • Word of Contrast: alternatively, yet, on the contrary, although, though, despite, in spite of, while, however, apart from etc.
  • Words Used to Illustrate: such as, for instance, in the case of, as an example, for example, an instance, to show that etc.
  • Words of Addition: also, too, next, and, or, lastly, furthermore, further, in addition to, again, as well as, besides, then, such as, finally, along with, still, along, not only..but also, likewise, either..or, neither…nor, and all,
  • Words Related to Cause and Effect: since, because,  hence, therefore, consequently, owing to, as a result of, due to, leads to, for, resulting in, results from, caused by, for this reason, so, thus etc.
  • Words Related to Conclusion: finally, to sum up, summarizing, in  conclusion, to conclude, evidently, all in all, in brief, in the long run, briefly, in short, after all, overall, consequently, hence, then, as a result, thus, in summary.

Now the Question Is How to Place These Words?

Understanding these words and placing them properly is not a difficult job. The only thing you should know is to focus on the assignment wholeheartedly. Then it will not be difficult to add them in your writing. Here are some techniques of using these words mentioned below:

  • In the Beginning of a Sentence: You can begin your sentence using these linking words that will help you to give a reference till the last point. For instance, you may face plenty of difficulties while writing. But an expert’s opinion is a valuable one.
  • In the Middle of a Sentence: while writing assignments you can use these linking words in the middle of the sentences too. For example: You can’t escape from failure. They are, in any case, will give you a lesson to succeed in life.
  • At the End of a Sentence: when you want to finish your sentence, you can use these linking words at the end of a sentence. For example: Michael is not a poem lover. He loves to read them, on the other hand.

Conclusion: After reading the whole blog I hope you will get a clear idea about these linking words and their contribution in completing assignments. While placing these words in your assignment, if you face any difficulties you can take help from our assignment assistance experts. For further updates log on to our official website and check the necessary details to hire them.

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