180 Best Cyber Security Research Topics for Students to Consider


Are you a computer science or IT student questioning good research topics for your technical allocation? Well, instead of considering the commonly discussed computer topics, without any disinclination, give preference to the latest cyber security research topics. Cyber security is a modern technology that focuses on the safeguarding of networks, data, computer systems, technologies, and devices from important cyber-attacks.

In recent times, the world is highly conditional on the internet and digital technologies. Definitely, the community is better prosperous employing internet-based diligence for their day after day applies along with bank agreement, food delivery, online commerce, etc. As the usage of the internet and online applications is extension day by day, some criminals use several attacking methods to steal the users’ personal data. So, to handle such security issues, nowadays almost all application developers give utmost attentiveness to strengthening online security and safety. Also, various research activities are being performed in the field of cyber security to restrain critical security problems that arise online.

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Topics on Cyber Security

  1. What are phishing scams and how do they work?
  2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of antivirus software.
  3. The dangers of connecting your device to a public wireless network.
  4. How to restore lost data?
  5. The dangers of automotive hacking.
  6. How does working remotely affect the security of companies?
  7. What are the ways of securing removable media?
  8. Define brute force attack.
  9. How to remove malware from a Windows computer?
  10. What is the role of passwords in the authentication process?
  11. How to recognize a social engineering attack?
  12. Latest innovations that are a threat to cyber security.
  13. Dangers of improper access controls.
  14. Is hacking becoming a global epidemic in the digital world?
  15. Can organizations use impenetrable network systems?
  16. Vulnerabilities of modern networks to intrusion.
  17. Analyze human behavior in cyber security.
  18. Best mobile protection for your smartphone.
  19. Explain the role of the system administrator.
  20. How to secure your home Wi-Fi?
  21. Discuss data leaks in mobile apps.
  22. AI applications: ethical limits and possibilities.
  23. Explain SQL injection attacks.
  24. What is the insecure deserialization effect?
  25. Discuss the importance of backend access control.
  26. Dangers of XSS attacks on apps.
  27. Malicious apps on Google Play.
  28. The best application security testing practices.
  29. Poorly configured security protocols.
  30. Benefits of logging for applications.
  31. What is the role of digital literacy in preventing hacking?
  32. How to block a network intrusion before it causes any effect?
  33. Why ordering software from the black market is a threat to security?
  34. What happens during a system breakdown and maintenance?
  35. Design a robust cybersecurity system.
  36. How does a ransomware attack work?
  37. How does Facebook protect itself from cyber-attacks?
  38. Infiltrating a Mac OS X operating system.
  39. Cyber-attacks and national security risks.
  40. The implication of private email accounts in data breaches.

Topics on Cybersecurity Ethics

  1. What are IoT attacks?
  2. Recent Ransomware attacks.
  3. How to defend against DDoS attacks?
  4. Worst software vulnerabilities in the Windows OS.
  5. Social hacking dangers.
  6. Why should cyberethics be different from real-world norms?
  7. Machine learning is used in computer viruses.
  8. What are endpoint attacks?
  9. Signs of a phishing attack.
  10. How to defend against cross-site scripting attacks?

Topics on Data Security

  1. Discuss physical data security.
  2. The best authentication methods.
  3. Examine the mobile landscape regarding data security.
  4. The dangers of phishing attacks.
  5. Explain the significance of frequent system updates for data security.
  6. Explain the importance of backup and recovery.
  7. How to conduct data erasure procedures?
  8. Talk about cloud security.
  9. Explain the relationship between privacy and data security in computing.
  10. Complex mobile device security methods.

Topics on Cyber Crime

  1. Discuss the effects of technology evolution on cybercrime.
  2. Track the evolution of online scams.
  3. How does website spoofing work?
  4. Should governments punish cybercrimes like real-life crimes?
  5. Compare various types of fraud methods.
  6. Worst cases of IoT hacking.
  7. Discuss the vulnerabilities of card payment data storage.
  8. The dangers of corporate data theft.
  9. What is cyber extortion and how does it work?
  10. Discuss ransomware attacks on hospitals.
  11. Explain cross-site request forgery attacks.
  12. The benefits of implementing multi-factor authentication.
  13. Artificial intelligence security systems.
  14. The use of biometrics as a cybersecurity method.
  15. What is cyber terrorism?
  16. Discuss the effects of logging in to many devices at the same time.
  17. Describe the effectiveness of cybersecurity audits on company systems.
  18. The role of studying mobile platform security.
  19. Evaluate the significance of computer forensics.
  20. What legal frameworks work best for a computer company?
  21. The latest cloud security threats.
  22. The role of YouTube in contributing to the rising number of hackers.
  23. Is online slander a cybercrime?
  24. Compare the security of UNIX and Ubuntu.
  25. What are the effects of using cracked computer software?

Topics on Network Security

  1. What is behavioral analytics and how does it work?
  2. The best 3 tools for excellent email security.
  3. Discuss the applications of Hyperscale Network Security.
  4. Describe techniques used in detecting malicious nodes on networks.
  5. A closer look at access control best practices.
  6. The impact of having self-configuring and decentralized network systems.
  7. Describe the various channels of establishing secure algorithms in a network.
  8. Discuss the role of wireless sensor networks in contributing to security breaches.
  9. Analyze how a black hole affects a network system.
  10. How do active network attacks reduce a network’s performance?
  11. How do modern Intrusion Prevention Systems work?
  12. Preventive measures against a distributed denial-of-service attack.
  13. The importance of keeping your software up to date.
  14. Network segmentation and its applications.
  15. Discuss the most effective Data Loss Prevention systems.

Topics related to Information Security

  1. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of current authentication methods.
  2. The importance of data storage centralization.
  3. What is cyber espionage and why is it dangerous?
  4. Discuss secure quantum communications.
  5. Explain the effective cybersecurity methods in the Internet of Things.
  6. How to strengthen the firewall of an information system?
  7. The best 5 algorithms for data encryption.
  8. How to detect malicious activity on a system.
  9. Discuss the implications of Wi-Fi hacking apps on mobile phones.
  10. The effects of using your image on social media.
  11. Black hat hackers vs. grey hat hackers.
  12. The role of pseudo names and nicknames on social media.
  13. The dangers posed by unprecedented attacks.
  14. Explain the role of information communication technologies in maintaining security.
  15. Discuss the impact of sharing personal details with hiring agencies.

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Topics on Operational Security

  1. What is the role of OPSEC in a company’s cybersecurity efforts?
  2. Application of appropriate OPSEC measures at Facebook.
  3. The process of identification of critical information.
  4. The use of OPSEC in the U.S. Navy.
  5. An in-depth look at the analysis of vulnerabilities.
  6. Explain the importance of Security Awareness Training.
  7. Compare COMSEC with OPSEC.
  8. Methods of conducting a thorough assessment of risk.
  9. The role of the Overarching Security Policy.
  10. What is the analysis of threats and how is it done?
  11. Would cyber communism decrease bullying?
  12. Feminism and the fight against cyberstalking.

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