100+ Top Trending Group Discussion Topics and Ideas


Group Discussion (GD) is a fundamental ingredient in the decisive choice to put on weight for admission in an MBA course. It is applicable to various recruitment processes. It is considered as one important round like technical round, screening test, written test, etc. in Core Company, Bank recruitment, post for the manager, customer services post and other. It is also regarded as one of the common screening steps in the interview process. Basically, in the Group Discussion round, an interaction will happen among the appendages on any latest topics. There are many or endless topics available to discuss and to make the debate on it. People may take for the topic or against the topic. 

In this blog, we are going to focus on some important group discussion topics. Any one of these topics can be picked up for school debate, job recruitment, and friendly practice, making an assignment or an essay. Practicing GD makes a candidate skilled in fluency, level of instant thought, and quality of leadership. It is thus considered to be a screening technique the HRs or appendages from the admission panel use to appraise the capability of a candidate. It is an agile and effective interview method that aids to recognize a skilled person for a job or college admissions. Generally, in business arrangements, academic stage, or in B-schools they conduct GD. A minimum of five participants are required to start and discuss a topic and make a supportive argument for a few minutes.

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Group Discussion topics:

  1. The impact of COVID 19 on the global economic status.
  2. How much the vaccination is effective for old people?
  3. How can we avert the next pandemic?
  4. How did Italy overcome the COVID situation under restraint?
  5. The rise of microfinance companies in the country.
  6. The impact of COVID – 19 on the education sector.
  7. What role does social media – Twitter play in international politics?
  8. Effect of inflation on the stock market.
  9. Advantages and Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology.
  10. How to reduce terrorist attacks in India?
  11. Can the ‘Death penalty’ diminish child rape cases?
  12. Universal Basic Income – its Pros & Cons to society.
  13. The effect of Donald Trump’s presidency on the world.
  14. How to end the threat of nuclear war?
  15. Ban on Chinese Apps and other products in India.
  16. WikiLeaks-a bane or a boon.
  17. Impact of social media on teenagers.
  18. Relevance of WTO in today’s global scenario.
  19. Is it good to depend on Crypto currencies like Bitcoin?
  20. Advantages and disadvantages of WFH

Group Discussion Topics on Case Studies

  1. How to make money with recycling process.
  2. Implementation of 5G in India.
  3. Propose a business model to target health-conscious customers.
  4. Talk about the White Revolution in India.
  5. Why should we have the least wage?
  6. Talk about the leadership changes needed in your community organization.
  7. How to overcome the coal crisis in India?
  8. How to improve hospitalization in rural areas?
  9. How to safeguard the right of free speech privacy on the internet through technology?
  10. Banning of mobile phones in school.
  11. Is it ethical to use animals for medical research?
  12. The use of steroids in sports.
  13. Endorsement of cloning.
  14. Increasing the drinking age.
  15. Is war the best option to solve international disputes?
  16. Level of exemption of political leaders.
  17. Should military service be made obligatory at 18 years of age?
  18. Single-sex schools are not worthy.
  19. How to reduce population in India?
  20. What is wrong with child labor?
  21. Are public schools safe?
  22. International trade barriers work.
  23. Impact of war between Russia and Ukraine on Global economy.
  24. It is important to hold value in what you argue.
  25. Why drinking and driving are dangerous to yourself and others?
  26. Facebook should have a downvote option like you-tube.
  27. Soft skills are necessary for kids in school.
  28. Global warming could do more than melt polar ice.
  29. Political Correctness – when does this policy cross a line?
  30. Compare hard work and smart work.
  31. Computer Viruses – recent attacks and removal strategies.
  32. Should polythene bags be completely banned?
  33. Has employee work-life balance reached a critical point?

Topics for MBA admissions

  1. The future of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Good things come from good thinking.
  3. Is it possible to maintain Work-life Balance?
  4. Challenges to the Indian Banking sector.
  5. Talk about the crimes that happen against women in the world.

Group discussion Topics on Management

  1. Is management art or science?
  2. Is patience important in Business and Management?
  3. Unethical practices lead to success in business.
  4. Do women make good managers?
  5. Should the rich and wealthy in a country be taxed more?

Topics on Social Issues

  1. Anemia affects urban society.
  2. Communalism and its effect on social cohesion.
  3. Lessons for the world from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Discuss the causes of poverty.
  5. Girl infanticide and sex determination are crimes.
  6. The effect of the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ on our lives.
  7. Are we becoming too sensitive in society?
  8. The crime rate increases because of unemployment.
  9. Drug abuse is rampant among teenagers.
  10. Is women empowerment the solution to violence against women?
  11. Globalization is an opportunity or a threat?
  12. Public Sector being a guarantor of job security is a myth.
  13. Is India ready for a cashless economy?
  14. Markets are found not created.
  15. Physical infrastructure is the answer to social equality.

Topics on Technology

  1. Will AI (Artificial Intelligence) change the future?
  2. Will automation reduce or increase jobs?
  3. Zero Budget Natural Farming.
  4. Can Artificial intelligence replace Human intelligence?
  5. Discuss the boon and bane of Data Localization.
  6. Pervasive technology is creating a generation of cyber zombies.
  7. Will the IT industry create more jobs in the future?

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Topics on Education

  1. How safe are our kids in schools?
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of E-learning.
  3. Which one is more important – Creativity or Knowledge?
  4. Does dress code matter a lot at educational institutions?
  5. The intervention of government in the education system.
  6. Should the practice of Yoga be made compulsory in schools?
  7. Should schoolchildren be allowed to use mobile phones?
  8. Higher Education in the USA.
  9. Should ‘Group Discussion’ be compulsory in the hiring process?
  10. Is compulsory attendance needed in schools and colleges?

GD Topics on Environment and Agriculture

  1. How do overcome the damage after disasters?
  2. The effect of Coronavirus on the Environment.
  3. How to reduce global warming?
  4. Green Jobs are essential for sustainable development.
  5. Can Aqua farming help the Indian Economy?
  6. Advanced food processing technologies.
  7. The effect of Global Warming on Agriculture and crops.
  8. Is smart farming the future of agriculture?
  9. Wildlife Corridors: Luxury or need?
  10. Is automation in farming good?
  11. Is collective farming a boon or bane?
  12. How to control soil pollution levels.
  13. The effect of climate on the farming system and food supply.
  14. Talk about Conventional and Organic Farming.
  15. Genetic engineering in agriculture: good or bad?
  16. How do keep a balance between the growth and price of vegetables?

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