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Are you a student? Searching for the various types of dissertation topics for your assignment? Then this blog is going to be apt for you; in this blog our assignment help experts will guide you regarding the various topics of marketing dissertation.

Marketing is undoubtedly a broad field of study which gives us a plethora of information regarding various topics and subjects. This particular field always keeps the students involved in various projects. Whether you are a post-graduate or under-graduate, it is effective for everyone.

“The main subjects of these projects include various fields like relationship marketing, direct marketing, international marketing, consumer psychology, mobile marketing, social networking, online marketing and many more.”

Below, we have listed 40 marketing dissertation topics; you can pick any one and make your project on it.

40 Ultimate Marketing Dissertation Topics in 2022

  1. Need of digital marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. What is the importance of personalization and customization?
  3. What are the needs of loyalty schemes in the business that will attract a larger number of customers?
  4. What is the need of the products of the most leading brands that attract a larger number of customer segments?
  5. How retailers adjust the polygamous behavior of the customers?
  6. What challenges are faced by Tesco’s loyalty card scheme to cope with the present competitive business?
  7. How has product availability given a negative impact on brand image in SME?
  8. How does charge premium prices and how does it use a diverse set of services?
  9. What do you know about Body Shop? Explain it in detail.
  10. How Café Nero’s app is effective for customer loyalty?
  11. How does Waterstone improve its customer loyalty in its online store and apps for Smartphone?
  12. How do companies utilize various social media platforms for the development of successful relationships with the customers?
  13. How can brands be sustained through innovations using social media marketing?
  14. What do you know about the case of Virgin Cola in the UK?
  15. What is the need of corporate social responsibility that helps the brand equity that is apt for the firms?
  16. How do small companies use social media to draw the attention of more customers?
  17. What kinds of challenges are faced by small scale business owners when adopting social media platforms to increase customer loyalty?
  18. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using smartphone apps to retain existing customers and attract new customers?
  19. What do you mean by online customer tribes? How is it effective for the industry?
  20. How can brand equity be increased using smartphone apps?
  21. What is the need for ethical behavior for the business? How do unethical businesses affect the branding? Explain it with an example.
  22. What do you mean by perceived risk and brand equality? What are the differences between these two?
  23. Advantages of using email and SMS to connect with the customers and what are its impacts in small companies?
  24. What is the impact of social media on direct marketing that can reduce the cost?
  25. How do beauty brands use YouTube to sell their products?
  26. What factors are important for online selling? Explain it with the help of different types of products.
  27. How direct online and social media marketing can be used to build a customer relationship?
  28. In the case of internationally selling products, how does the accent of customer care executives influence the customers to buy products?
  29. What is the impact of cultures on marketing?
  30. How does innovation affect the customers regarding brand resonance?
  31. Can social media be used as a tool to target luxury customers?
  32. Do all the customers really have any idea regarding brand value? Explain it with the help of two well known food hubs Starbucks and McDonalds.
  33. How does tangible and intangible brand values vary based on different types of product?
  34. What is the importance of language on brand identity?
  35. What is the difference between using prospecting methods in both online and offline business?
  36. What is the response of customers on small term and long term offers in the online businesses?
  37. What pricing strategy is used by the banks to increase the customer satisfaction and profit?
  38. Is it necessary for the customers to protect themselves from the unscrupulous direct marketing tactics that are used by the most social media marketing companies?
  39. How brand salience can be increased using digital marketing?
  40. What methods are used by Tesco and Body Shop to maintain their loyalty scheme to sell their product directly to the customers?

Conclusion: I hope by reading this blog, you’ll get an idea of the topic related to dissertation marketing; you can choose any one of them for your project. If still you have any doubt or have any query regarding it, you can ask our dissertation writer without any hesitation. For more updates log on to our official website and check the necessary details of getting in touch with our experts. We offer various kinds of services that help the student to submit the assignment within the deadline. Students of top universities of the world hire our experts for completing the projects.

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