Ph.D. and Career Opportunities for Those Who Do Not Have Apprenticeship


Are you not an apprentice? Worried about your academic career after a Ph.D. degree? Then this blog is going to be apt for you; here present our assignment help online experts would help you to dig out the future of your career and Ph.D. degree who does not have an apprenticeship. 

Earlier students used to get job opportunities just after completing their Ph.D. course. For the students, it is really interesting that just after completing the course they would get the title ‘Dr.’ and it makes the students eager to finish the course enthusiastically. 

In order to indulge a young mind, positive energy, vitality, and will to learn are needed. The lectures of their experts help them to choose the right path after completing their academic courses. But after some time students feel depressed thinking about their future, as their life does not seem particularly fair. According to our online thesis writing service experts, it often comes to the minds of young readers that if they ever are enthusiastic and carefree teachers and researchers on their path in the present world. Besides this, it makes the students anxious about thinking about their present age and at which age they will get a permanent job in order to run their life properly. In addition to that, they start feeling worried about what they need to sacrifice in order to get a secure career opportunity. It makes them start thinking about various prospects like having children, starting a family, relationships, health, etc. 

According to our research help experts, in the present days, if you want to start your career as an Early Career Researcher in the UK is not at all easy. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to have a bright career opportunity. But let me assure you that, you don’t need to feel worried about it, there are adequate academic jobs for those who are sufficiently dedicated to their study and are ready to adapt the skills that are needed to have a good career opportunity. If you are conscious about your career, then let me assure you that, there are a plethora of career opportunities for these students who are willing to think outside the box and have a strong creative minds. Students who know the usage and application of their work beyond the confines of the university, don’t need to feel worried about their professional careers. But we are insisting you think wise and don’t take your Ph.D. degree just as an apprenticeship for lecturing, but it is more than that. 

While continuing the Ph.D. course, students are taught various types of transferrable skills, and these skills help them in the long run, but if you decide to change your career, then let me assure you that you are destroying your career by yourself. Instead of honing the skills that you have acquired throughout your Ph.D. course if you run behind different career options, then you are leaving a lucrative career opportunity outside. You are earning your Ph.D. degree by using your skills, hard work, and a lot of effort, you need to utilize it properly. For this, you must have patience. 

Below we have listed some tips, you must check it in order to ensure a good career opportunity after completing your Ph.D. degree. 

  • Check the Reality

It is true that we don’t want to rely on reality, as we consider it to be harsh. But sometimes we find that we have everything that we are supposed to do, such as, we have published our writing widely in prestigious journals, our names attached to numerous exciting research papers and community initiatives, we have attended all the conferences in order to acquire necessary information, we have become a follower of right people on various social media platform, and last month we shared a panel where a leading scholar was present and who considered us as the future of the profession – all these are absolutely fine for the students. 

All these things give the students a positive vibe regarding their careers after completing the Ph.D. course. It increases the confidence of students and they feel proud to become a part of the community of Ph.D. degree holders. Getting a permanent academic post has always been their dream and this fulfillment satiates their desire. 

But if you didn’t do the above-mentioned things, or don’t have enough knowledge of what to do, and how to do it, then the outcome is negative. It makes the students worried about their Ph.D. and career. In most cases it is found that students fail to publish with sufficient frequency, they don’t have knowledge of how to handle the social media-heavy landscape of contemporary academia, they have attended very few lectures, and fail to submit superior quality writing, and instead of focusing on such things, in the meantime, they were busy in doing something else if such things happened, students will not get fruitful result. 

Whatever the situation is, no matter how much you indulge yourself in completing your research papers, publishing your writing, etc, you must have patience, as day by day, the number of competitions has increased, and with it, time to get a permanent academic post has also increased. It may take years after years; you must have the patience to cope with the situation in order to have a prosperous career opportunity. 

Students may find there is a scarcity of academic jobs, but this is not only the reason behind this, as your course is completed, you may also search on the official pages of various academics who hire Ph.D. experts, and there you will get vacancies too, that will assure you regarding the job opportunities available there. In this regard, you must know that the number of available academic jobs continues to increase at a constant rate, with the increasing number of students enrolled in the Ph.D. program and appearing on the job market. 

By visiting the job market, you will find every post you apply for would get tens to hundreds of other applicants, most of them are found to be more qualified than yours. In a situation, where the hiring committees are in a hurry, then they make the hiring process fast and they become very picky in such matters. For a single post, they will interview a maximum of eight or ten people, and after drawing up an initial shortlisting process, sometimes they rely on interviews via phone. In such a regard, you will find yourself less qualified or no better qualified than other candidates who are shortlisted for the same post. If you are not hired then you will be considered unfit for that particular post. Sometimes while taking part in the interview process, some candidates feel nervous, and some candidates pretend to be overconfident. This makes the hiring committee less interested in them. Besides this, if candidates are asked tricky questions, and fail to answer them properly, then it lessens the chance of getting appointed for that particular post. 

In some situations, you will be asked for giving feedback on your performance in an interview, and you will be told that you are apt for a post but you are just pipped by a better candidate. You have nothing to do here, as you don’t know whether you need any changes or not. 

  • Right Career Path

After completing your course, you may feel puzzled thinking about what to do next. Most of the candidates while they are in such a situation when they are about to finish their Ph.D. course, then they are aware of the kind of work that is available to them. In the meantime, you may find much contractual work that various companies offered. You need to accept it positively and besides this, you need to search for better opportunities on a regular basis. You need to focus on new research projects that are published regularly, and seek out those opportunities, if you find they are suitable for you, then apply them. It completely depends on you, what kind of job you want to prefer. 

There are many contractual teaching jobs where new Ph.D. candidates are hired to complete various kinds of assignments but most candidates find this job to be the least prestigious and most hazardous form of academic employment. But the reality is, by indulging yourself in such types of jobs, you can keep yourself busy and easily able to pay your rent, cost of commodities, and food too. These kinds of jobs help the students of post-graduation or final year Ph.D. candidates to earn their pocket money and cost of living too. By doing various kinds of work, you will be able to gain a plethora of knowledge and it would help you to get a better academic job in the long run. It would make your CV potential for academic jobs. 

Besides these, there are other types of jobs too, that are available for the candidates like teaching fellowships, research fellow positions, part-time lecturers, researchers, copywriting, editing or technical writing experts, freelancing academic work, etc that candidates can choose. 

Conclusion: I hope after reading the blog, you will get an outline regarding your Ph.D. and your career if you are not in an apprenticeship. In your Ph.D. course, if you find any kind of trouble regarding your assignment, you can consult with our assignment help experts, who are always there for you. We offer various kinds of help based on various subjects and topics and these all are available for students of different academic levels. So, if you are interested in us, you can visit our official website where you will get detailed information about us. 

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