Top 160 Political Science Research Topics to Write About


Political science is a complicated and vast material that arrange with different countenance of civics and potency at the indigenous and cosmopolitan flatten. It generally concentrates on the constitutional or political doctrines, morals, activities, blueprint, outgrowth, comportment and the affiliate laws and constitutional consistence. Being a student, if you are pursuing a degree in political science, enactment, philosophy or ideology, sociology or behavioral psychology and any other courses related to politics, then you may obligation to political science topics for writing an assignment of an essay or completion of Dissertation report.

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Political Science Essay Writing Tips

A good subject or topic is everything for you that is needed for writing a report or an essay. Once you have chosen an exemplar political science topic, the next thing you have to do is you need to work out on it. Collects information, study materials and writing format. Some points to remember while writing an essay or an assignment or even a dissertation report, are:

  1. Be firm on a particular concept – and it is better called as one-paragraph rule.
  2. Research and exploration on any literature topic and gather as much information as needed
  3. Contribute circumstances with faithful academic origins
  4. Comprehend data, statistics graph or any evince supporting main topic
  5. Addition of counterargument section before conclusion and reference
  6. Use of harsh intonation is pernicious during addressing sensitive topics
  7. Evade describing and plotting on one side of the issue.
  8. Showing and discussing favoritism is not proper, thus remaining neutral when discussing political parties is an intelligence
  9. Too much citation in a dissertation is not required
  10. Use of direct and indirect illicit words in strictly prohibited

It is really challenging to find innovative essay topic on Political science. Because it has a very area, you can convey analysis on any political-related domain such as international relations between India and China, comparative politics between Japan and Russia, public law and order of India and its interior, conflict resolution between different communities, public administration on Health and education, mediation and negotiation between owner and employees in an organization, etc. Some similar topics are:

International Relations Political Research Topics

  1. Dissection of global assurance networks
  2. Structure of IMF (International Monetary Fund)
  3. Moral guidelines of NGO
  4. Reason behind Global poverty situation
  5. Power combat at Arctic Circle
  6. Disintegrate one religious wars.
  7. Reason consequence of Syrian conflict
  8. People’s Rights in Uganda and surrounding
  9. Reason behind the war in Afghanistan
  10. Non-governmental facilities in Japan Corporations
  11. International Controversies on forgetfulness
  12. Reason behind the rise of international terrorism
  13. Political and Traditional relation between China-US
  14. The influence and consequence of nationalism in Germany
  15. Political relations between North Korea and South Korea
  16. Political democratic issue relationship between India and Pakistan
  17. Authority of United Nations (UN)
  18. Topics and Treaty discussed in G-20 Summit – 2021
  19. Topic discussed on QUAD Summit 2022
  20. Theories of Geopolitics

Topics related to Comparative Politics:

  1. What are analogous political asylum?
  2. Concepts behind the difference between Presidential Democracy and Parliamentary Democracy
  3. A study of the Anglo-Saxon traits in the American Government
  4. Soviet Union Ideology
  5. Apartheid Phenomenon
  6. Grading of Chinese Leninist Party
  7. Russia-Ukraine War interests aggregation
  8. Placement and Recruitment in industry developing countries
  9. Theory of modernization
  10. Comparison between the ruling party and its rival parties in your country
  11. Discussion on hostility and revolution in the US
  12. Cultural pressure and secularism between Japan and the USA
  13. Foreign diplomat of the US vs UK
  14. Assimilate and contradiction between the FDI policies of the US and Germany

Other topics:

  1. Anarchy and bustle of many important figures of History
  2. Theory of Governance – The Philosophy of Aristotle
  3. The Democracy By Plato
  4. Classic Theory and study of Edmund Burke
  5. The theory of Egalitarianism
  6. The Theory and research of John Austin
  7. The Sovereign secularity of Jean Bodin
  8. Challenges between Freedom and Equity

Topic related to Public Dispensation

  1. Public dispensation and its relation to social justice
  2. Control and management on Careers in field of transportation Security
  3. Sustainable energy projects for the sake of public authority
  4. Moral culture on Nonprofit organizations
  5. Arrangement on Environmental Management
  6. An evaluation of the Federal Exigency Authority Agency
  7. Idiosyncrasy of a true leader for public welfare
  8. Conception and contraption in the Private Sector in a country
  9. Diplomatic arrangement in Fiscal administration
  10. Method related to Fraternity Development

Some other topics related to Philosophy Research

  1. Research on Congresspersons and democrats
  2. Motive behind the American Uprising
  3. Moral story of Election
  4. Karl Schmidt Thesis and German Philosophy
  5. Generous emancipation justification
  6. Difference between Civil Republicanism and Liberalism
  7. Existential Philosophy on the basis of Western Constitutional Law
  8. A study of communal indulgence as a political chastity.

Topics related to Public Law

  1. Act 1994 – study of Human Rights
  2. Renowned Legislators in European constitutional antiquity
  3. Study the difference between criminal Law and Common integrity
  4. Familiarization of constitutional law in India
  5. Discuss the function of compulsory etiquette in public law.
  6. Distinguish between National Security Complaints and Civil Liberties
  7. Impartial critique on the analysis of Argumentation
  8. Study on Commercial Exploitation  

Topics related to Political hostility

  1. Yemen hostility declaration Methods
  2. The reason for the clash between Afghanistan and China
  3. The clash between the study of politics and religion
  4. Why do Mexico faces Immigrants Dilemma?
  5. The Foreign policy of US
  6. The strife art bequest of Post-war countries like Ukraine
  7. News indemnity broadcasting bias
  8. Conflicts of south African-Tokyo prisoners
  9. Coaction and association method of Afghanistan
  10. Dissemination of power in Arctic region
  11. Attitude and ambition of Political leaders
  12. Iraq Oil Controversy
  13. Security leadership contradiction of Pentagon after 9/11
  14. Security status of Gateway of India

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Topics related to Mediation, agreement and Negotiation

  1. Presentation and Social media impact
  2. Detainee caution in foreign countries agreement
  3. Displacement Corporation of juridical Disputes
  4. Familiarization of the Mediation correspondence
  5. The mediation process in the permanent court of adjudication
  6. Negotiation and settlement during War
  7. Mediation audition concoction process
  8. Study of Civil Law Court vs Arbitration Policies

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