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Critically discuss the key themes of Future in Mind document. In what ways is your service transforming to better adopt the recommendations of this report?

Disorders related to mental health have become common cases in the United States of America. Researchshows that around 44 million among the adultpopulationand 14 million children areundergoing mental disorders. It has further been assessed that suicide has been ate the eighth position  in the list ofcauses of death  and  around 80 to 90 percent of the people are  dying as they are suffering from mental illness(Alonso et al., 2004). However,thefacts resulting to the disorders and mentalhealth such asschizophrenia, anxiety and bipolar diseaseare equivalent to cancer of heart disease inrespect of premature death and reduced productivity.

As per Abuse(1999), the fact that the diagnosis and treatment of the mental health disorders of fewadults and one third ofthe children is successfulthrough medical treatment(Abuse, 1999).  Mental health has alwaysremained a hidden issue of health. It is basicallyreceives are public attention andhas been found to be underfunded in both the private and public sectors.  In accordance to the themes that are presented in the document“Future in Mind “, there has been constant increase in the issues associated with the mental health.

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Critical discussion

Issues related tomental health have been counteracting many barriers as there have been shortage of mental health services providers and proper treatment techniques. It has also been noticed that issuesassociated with themental health are rarely raisedin the reforms of health care. According to Corrigan, Druss & Perlick(2014), in all the midst of negligence towards the issues,  Dorset HealthCare and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Servicehas beenplaying an very  effective rolein  providing sustainable approaches to deal with mental health(Corrigan, Druss & Perlick, 2014).

In the context of providing mental health, DorsetHealth Care and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service has beenproviding radical integration of all the mental and physical health services  for people belongingto all age groups.  Theorganizations have been providing highlyeffective treatment regardingmental health for children, adolescents and adults through optimizedmedical and psychological approaches.  The challenges that  Dorset Healthcare and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service faced in the providing financial pressure,  increase in the competition in the healthcare industry, geographical  unequal provision of service, etc. the opportunities isregarding provision of ,mental healthcare that Dorset used to its advantage are the increase in demand of mental health care(Crichton, 2011).

The growing demand of the mental health treatment is by thepopulation that includes ageing individuals, adolescents and children.As per Ford-Jones & Chaufan(2017), the outcome of increased demand of the patients led to the enhancement of quality of services thatDorset Health Care and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service provides. Commissioning priority isone of the significantaspects that thecompany has been inculcating in its approach to dealwith these issues associated withmental health(Ford-Jones & Chaufan, 2017).

The company has been redesigning the models of the mental healthcare in order to provide improved experience and delivery of high quality mental health care. The company has been focusingon moreintegrated and localizedpersonal care across the mental and health services that requireimprovementsin the internalintegration between both our services and structuringthe existingrelationshipswith various providers. This is helping Dorset in providing seamless experienceregarding mental healthcare.Gan et al(2017) said that the mental healthcare organization has improved commissioner relationship for reaching the current contracts and has effective adaptation of the renewed approaches and needs for mental healthcare(Gan et al., 2017).

The significance ofprovision of effective mental healthcare has been elaboratedin the Future in Mind document. It has been assessed through the surveysconducted by  World Health Organizationthat 30 percent to 50 percent of the peoplein the world happen to sufferfrom the issues related to the mental health in the  developed countries  and 76 percent to  85 percent of the patientssufferingfrom such medical conditions do not receiveappropriate treatment(Grob, 2014).  It has further been discussed in the documentthat one in every four individualshas the probability of sufferingfrom DSM-IV disorder that also included mood disorder within a period of one year.The anxietydisorder has been found to be consisting of 13.6 percent, alcoholdisorder of 5.2 percentand mooddisorder to around 13.9 percent(Hall, 2016).

It was further found that the younger people, children, adolescents andwomen werefound to be suffering the most. As per Hedden(2015), thedocument further focuses on the mental health ambiguities of the childhood.  Adolescence has been a period where individuals are highly prone to have mental health issues.  Mostof the mental health issues surface by the age of 24 and the adolescents aregetting diagnosedwith mental health issues(Hedden, 2015).

Future in mind document has elaborated thebasic themesregarding the improvementof the mentalhealth and integrating strategic approaches to promote, aware and improve these conditions.

The basic themes that are covered by Future in Mind are:

Promoting resilience, earlyintervention and prevention:

Dorset Clinical Commissioninggroup and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Serviceand have considered the promotionstrategies byproviding assistance to the young people and children include their families  for adopting and maintainingthebehaviors which support theoptimum health.  The health care organization has been taking initiatives regarding taking early action with theyoung individuals and their families for preventingmental health issues. The early identification of themental health issueshas been thepriority ofthehealthcareorganizations which is very effective in dealing with such conditions.

As per Jans, Stoddard & Kraus (2004), the requirement of individuals who happen todemonstrateresiliencewith positivityand empathyis highly valued in the casesof mental health issues which arehighly recognized by Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Early identification and recognition of the needs of the young individuals and childrenare found to assistin the prevention of serious mental health issues fromrising(Jans, Stoddard & Kraus, 2004). The document hasalso focused very prominently in theprovisionof support services along with early prevention strategies.

The elaboration of the strong association between parental, mentalhealth and the mental health of the children has discussed in a prominent way.Thesignificance of the taking care of the mental healthof both the child and the mother after pregnancy is prominently stated in the document. This has increased the focus on the maternal health.  There has been emphasis on the costs that areassociated with post pregnancyanxiety, depression andpsychosis whichvary carried for longer term.Around 98 billion pounds havebeen sued bythesociety for everycohortof births in the United Kingdom(Morisson-Rees et al., 2015).  This has further led to the longer term cost under 10,000pounds forevery singlebirth in the country.

The statistics mentioned in the document are of highrelevance asthese have been collected through extensive research.  The Future in Mind document has discussedthe role of the universes inthe promotion of mental health and early intervention and prevention of the issues of mental healthvery effectively. The  universal serviceswhich encompass the  school health  services,  health visitors, Sure Start Children’s Centers, primary care,  colleges,  youth centersare stated as the  key participators in the prevention of the problems regarding mental health. The role of general practice along with theteam delivering primary care has been presented in the document of Future in Mind. General practice has been supporting the children, families and young peoplefor taking a holistic approach towards life which is very relevant to counteracting the issues in mental health.Further, the emphasis on the interventionduring thechildhood hasbeen very effective in prevention of mental health issues from occurringamong the individuals at such an early age(Pilgrim, 2017).

Improving access to effective systems

Thedocument has highlighted the development of conversationregarding depression, anxiety disorders and career counseling is a very effective approach regarding in this regard.It has focused on the developing relationshipwith the children andyoung peoplewho are undergoing form such mental health disorder. This would be assisting in the improvementofthe health conditions to a great extent. As per Strosahl (1998), creation of awareness among the people including the families ofthepatients would facilitate the provisions of the health care inthe case of mental disorders. Having a regulated a controlled exposure to the use of digital technology and electronicsafety isdevotedto havevery effectiveimplicationson the prevention as well asthedevelopment of the mental health of patients(Strosahl, 1998).

The document haselaboratedvarious aspects regarding improvement of access forproviding effective support is very effective.The provision of optimumrights to the individual including the adolescents, children and the senior citizens would be through a proper system of care(Stranges et al., 2014). This system of care would helpthe individuals suffering from the mental health disorders in regards to availing health care services in any relevant health care organizations at the right time form the right service. The individualscan avail access system that is single point in nature where boththe children can assess and access the healthcare services.

Care to the most vulnerable

Further, the document has described the significance of care for theindividuals who are more to the issues of mental health and find it difficult to access.  The provisions of the right health care to the peoplewho are more vulnerable tothe mental health issues need to be devised and strategized in a proper way.The conduction of comprehensive assessment for mental health forpatientsbelonging to age 16 years or above has to be conducted by  multi agency teams  with the association of the health care providers and commissioners  is mentioned in an effect8ive way.This is basically relevant in thecase of children, young people who are excluded from the society likesexually exploited, homeless, individuals involved in gangs, etc.

Accountability and Transparency

The Future in Mind document has alsoemphasized onthe basic theme of accountability and transparencywhich would be effective inremoving barriers such as fragmented systemof commissioningservices, poor sharing of information and limited access. The patientssuffering from mental health disorders need to be provided with wider access to themental health care services that are locally available(YoungMinds, 2017).

The services that will be offered top the individuals will have clarifiedaccess andtransparent process of decision making, access to information, provision of more control to the young parents and people. This would also include the greater use information facilities, personal budgets in order to havea smoother provision of health care service including the appropriate admission andfacilitation timely and safe discharge to the individuals whoare sufferingfromsuch mental disorder.

The development of proper workforce isa very prominentstrategy regarding the provisions of efficient mental health care service. In order to have a proper workforce that can deliver the best service in this regard will need proper training regarding health and social care withcontinuous professional development.

As per World Health Organization(2014), when an organization such as Dorset HealthCare and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in the United Kingdom provideswell equipped training toits humanresources, a fair and assisting behavior along with transparent process for providing improved healthcare service is obtained(World Health Organization, 2014).The professionalsproviding service regarding mental health care need to stay realistic and honest while dealing with patients suffering frommental health disability.Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)in the United Kingdom and Dorset Health Carehave been playing a prominent role in the provision of the mentalhealthcare services to the children, adolescents and adults.

Developing workforce

The health care organization have beentakingcare of themental illness or disorder  rightfrom the tertiary level and have highly trained psychiatrists and psychologists  that have specializationregarding the particular field.Integrating Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (APMS) in theframeworks of mental health care service would be very effective in regards tothe prevalence of treated and untreated psychiatric disorder  in the adult population in the United Kingdom.  Incorporation of the survey would enhancethe treatment and provision of effective mental health services to the patients which involve the children and adultwho is suffering from the mental disorder. The transformation of the service in the field of mental healthcare encompasses promotion, support and treatment thatare very prominently elaborated in the document(World Health Organization, 2014).

The non-availability of time inboth quantity and quality hasbeen leading in impropercare of the patientsthat are suffering frommental health issues. The service providers of mental healthcare are able to establish a local transformation plan whichwould be facilitating the deliveryof services in a better way.  Through the resilei8nce in the primarycenters such as schools will facilitatethe improvement of engagement ofthefamilies of the children and theservice providers. Thiswill assist in providing health care service to the patientsboth in proper quantity and quality. Having a jointproject with different  health care service providers willdefinitely enhance the quality of the service and would facilitate theparentsin providing optimum level of acre. With the establishment of the nationalgovernance in a clear manner willassist in overseeing the transformation of the mentalhealth and wellbeing of the children in the UnitedKingdom in the near future.

The highlighting of  the plans such as street triage, Dorset  youth  offending  service  and secure children  units  will assist intheincorporation of the justice sector into the healthcareservice  which will be a prominent transformation for the overall healthcare system of the country(Morisson-Rees et al., 2015). The integrationof the WorkforceDevelopmentProgrammedinto the health care  service  would contribute tothemental healthcare  service to a greater extent inregards to the enhancementof efficacy, safety  of the various  interventions and approaches of  improved services. This will further lead to the obtainment ofthe futuregoals regarding the mentalhealth care service provision. The integration of theMindEd, Psychological Perspectives inEducation, Mental Health First Aid and Primary Carewould enhancetheextensive andbetter communication among the public.

As per Jans, Stoddard & Kraus(2004), the inclusion of the basic themes in the strategies of mental healthcare service by Dorset healthcare andCAMHS have been very effective as thequality and intricacyof the healthcare service regarding mental illness and disorder(Jans, Stoddard & Kraus, 2004).  The inclusion of early detection of the mental disorder in the children studying the schools is facilitated through the conductionof assessmentand appoints of treatment inthe schools by the respective management.This has been assisting in the structuring and devising ofthe kindof treatments forthechildren who are sufferingfrom mental disorder as well as the potential child patients. Similar techniques are to be applied to thecases of teenagers who suffer fromthe mental disorders and illness which can result in prominent transformationin the mental health. Having assessmentsin the schools and different educationalinstitutions with the inclusion of adult services and CAMHSwill enhance the quality ofhealth provisionregarding mental health service.

The early detection of themental health disorder among the children studyingin the school will assist in identification of related health issues like asthma, heart issues, migraines, etc.This will further help in the devising prevention techniques for the reducing health condition.  The early detection of the mental disorder and mental illness in thechildrenstudying at  school level will  assist in  detecting thecauseof such issues  and the relevant treatments which can be related with chronic genetic conditions.

The fact that the magnitude of mental illness willresult in increased burden on the children studying at school level cannot be ignored(Hedden, 2015). The initialtreatment in such cases has to be mandatory in all the educationalinstitutions, especially in the schools which would facilitate in curing the mental disease right from the childhood. This wouldprovide betterquality of life to the individuals. The  educational institutionsneed to  integrate the professionals   that  are highly experiencedinthefield of mental health care intothe system as it would facilitate the conduction of programs in which the mentalhealth often students as well as the  faculties can be done. This will not only assist in recognizingthe level of mental health ofthechildren but will also aware the faculties regarding their health in this respect(Morisson-Rees et al., 2015).

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The educational institutionsincluding the schools need to associate with the  deemed  health care institutions, mental health care service providers and  state as well as  the central government in order to have effective and regular approaches  regarding  mental health disorder  and illness in the students. Through the implementation ofeffective health care services to detectand curemental health issue and disorder, the educational institutionsincluding the schools  will help in the creating a healthy population.

The schools andother educational institutionsare slowly and graduallyrecognizing thesignificance of the detection of mental healthdisorder andillness. This has led to theeducationalinstitutions like schools toactively participate in the development of the strategies for providingmental health treatments and sessions to thestudents and children at such tender age.Breakingthe barriers in the provisionof healthcare service to eradicate the mental illness and disorders are very necessary in order to have a population that has bets often mental health.

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