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Write an essay on: Shamrock Rovers F.C.: Is Free Exposure Good or Bad?

Shamrock Rovers is an Irish based football club from Tallaght in South Dublin. The club was founded in the year 1899 and 1901 ("Shamrock Rovers FC History", 2017). The place in which the club was first heard and is deemed to have been found is Ringsend with Shamrock Avenue being the main base for the committee of the club, to stage meetings. The club's early wins were in 1904/05 and 1914 in the Leinster Junior League and the IFA Junior Cup ("Shamrock Rovers FC History", 2017). Shamrock FC is known for winning 15 titles which elicit the dominance of the club in the Dublin in their Milltown Base in Dublin Suburb ("Shamrock Rovers F.C. -", 2017). There was a twist of events for the club in 1987 after Glenmalure Park was sold to property developers. 2005 was followed by another blow of being relegated but won the first division in 2006 which paved the way for the club's reestablishment in the Irish football ("Shamrock Rovers F.C. -", 2017). Despite the turmoil of having to acquire a new Municipal Stadium, the legal issues were addressed on the club's favor in 2007, enabling the South Dublin County Council to continue with the construction of the stadium ("Shamrock Rovers F.C. -", 2017).

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