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Identify a company and job role and plan personal work goals.

TASK SUMMARY: There are four parts to this task:

Part A: You are to identify a company and job role and plan personal work goals. ?

Part B: You are required to assess your skills and knowledge against competency standards to determine development requirements ?

Part C: You are to seek feedback from others to identify, evaluate and select suitable development opportunities ?

Part D: Develop a personal development plan and summarise a policy. 

Access to textbooks and other learning materials ? Access to a computer with internet ? Self-assessment template (provided) ? Interview response form (provided) ? Personal Development Plan Template (provided) ? Professional Development Policy (provided).  If your assessor sees that you have not completed the task satisfactorily correctly, you will be given the opportunity to redo the task. Your assessor will discuss an appropriate timeframe with you for resubmission.

1. Choose a company that you would be interested in working for, as well as a job role within that company. The role you choose should be at a managerial level, such as a Marketing Manager or Human Resources Manager. You will need to be able to access a position description and the company’s website. Your assessor can provide you with assistance in identifying this information if you are having difficulty accessing such information. 2. Review the company’s website and position description. Consider what your work goals for 12 months would be if you were in that position. One of the work goals should be in relation to your own professional development and all goals must be SMART goals.

3. Prepare a professional, error free brief report of approximately one page covering the following topics:

a) An overview of the company that you have chosen, including the purpose of the business and where it is located and their website address. If you are working you should provide information about your own company.

b) An overview of the company’s goals or objectives. If you are working, you should discuss your own company’s overall goals and objectives.

c) An overview of the position description for the job role you are interested in. Explain why you are interested in the job role and describe the key responsibilities of the job role.

d) An outline of the five work goals that you have identified for the position, including why these goals are relevant to the job role and the company’s strategic goals/plans. Explain why these are suitable goals for a 12-month period.

4. Submit your report to your assessor.

PART B – ASSESS SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE Instructions: Imagine you gained employment in the role that you identified in Part A of this assessment. The Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is the management qualification identified in your position description. Your new manager has asked you to complete a self-assessment of your skills and knowledge against Unit of Competency from the qualification with the intention of developing a personal development plan.

1. Identify one unit of Competency from the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management to assess your skills and knowledge against. Your assessor will provide the website reference to find this information and will be able to provide guidance with the selection of units if required.

2. Complete the self-assessment of the unit using the self-assessment template provided by your assessor.

3. Submit the self-assessment to your assessor.


1. Complete professional competence research

a) Interview at least two of the following people; friends or colleagues, family members or fellow students who currently work as a manager. Use the interview response form to document their responses. ? Ask them to identify the skills and knowledge that they consider most important for a manager to develop. ? In addition, ask them to discuss one example of a professional development activity they have undertaken and how this was beneficial to them. Ask them whether they would recommend this activity to you as part of your development. ? Discuss your ranking in your self-assessment and ask for suggestions for any additional professional development activities you could complete to develop your competence.

2. Networking Review

b) Identify and describe at least two formal networks that a Manager in your chosen field could participate in. BSBWOR501 STUDENT ASSESSMENT TASK 3 Version 2.2 Orange International College Pty Ltd CRICOS No: 03446A | RTO No: 41315 4

c) For the two formal networks identify: ? organisation name and contact details including telephone and email ? the services offered by the networking organisation ? the costs involved in joining the networking organisation ? the benefits you believe joining the network brings to you ? any other relevant information ? details of an upcoming event provided by the organisation that you are interested in and why you are interested in the event 3. Research two potential professional development activities that you could complete in your local area or capital city that would help you develop your competence in the units that you have self-assessed. Note the details of the activities. 4. Prepare a memo with the outcomes of your research, your network review and a list of at least two potential development activities. Send the memo and the interview responses in an email to your assessor that includes an introduction and a brief summary of the interview responses. P


1. Personal Development Plan. You are required to develop a professional development plan. Your assessor will provide you with a template for completion. You must complete all sections of the template: ? Your personal and professional goals for the next 12 months and five years ? Your perceived strengths in your skills and knowledge, as well as areas that you would like to improve or gaps you would like to fill e.g. as identified through your self-assessment, interviews or in response to new industry trends. ? Two professional development activities based on areas for improvements and/or gaps you have identified. The activities may be a combination of long and short term goals and may also include the networks that you have identified. ? One of the activities you identify should be able to be completed prior to the completion of this unit of study through one of your identified networks as you will need to participate and report on this professional development activity for Assessment Task 4. You should choose an activity that you can easily participate in such as attending a free networking event or webinar or watching a video or participating in a discussion on a professional blog or in LinkedIn. ? At least one of the professional development activities you identify should be in response to the feedback provided in part B of this assessment. ? For each activity provide the reason(s) why you have identified this as a priority and by when you would like to address the priority. Include an explanation about how each suits your learning style.

2. Read the Professional Development Policy and provide a brief overview of how one of your planned activities fits with the policy, for example, who will cover the cost, who will approve the activity, how much financial support will be provided and what are your next steps.

3. Submit the Personal Development Plan and your policy brief to your assessor in an email with an introduction on how you can serve as a role model in a workplace through work planning.

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