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Tassie Hardrock Enterprises An Overview and its Continuous Improvement Policy, change management SWOT Analysis

Read the Tassie Hardrock Enterprises – An Overview and its Continuous Improvement Policy and Procedures annexed to this assessment and complete the following tasks.

a) Analyse the internal and external environments for change and prepare a change

  • requirement report that includes: 
  • Identification of strategic change needs
  • Review of existing policies and practices
  • A SWOT analysis to Identify major operational change requirements.  

b) Develop a change management project plan that outlines the change management strategy that includes:

  • A cost–benefit analysis for high-priority change requirements and opportunities you have identified  
  • A risk management plan with risk analysis to identify barriers to change
  • Determine resource requirements – human, physical and financial resources
  • A Gantt chart to present time lines and schedules

c) Develop a communication or education plan in consultation with managers and other relevant stakeholders:

  • Consultation with relevant individuals to determine how you will promote the benefits of change and minimise loss to the organisation.  
  • Organise and manage the activities required to deliver the plan, including time lines for implementation.

d) Identify and respond to barriers to change as outlined in the risk management plan. This may include developing strategies that will mitigate risks and effectively respond to barriers.

e) Begin the change management process:

  • Implement the interventions and activities as

  • Carry out the strategies for embedding the change.

 BSBINN601 – Assessment Resourc

f) Prepare for the evaluation and review of the plan to achieve objectives and modify the plan

where appropriate. This may include condition

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