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Use C++ to Implement: School Method for Integer Addition

Use C++ to Implement:

  1. School Method for Integer Addition
  2. Must be Karatsuba Algorithm for Integer Multiplication
  3. Integer Division

All codes should contain in one file

Three functions must be contained!!!!

Tips:This program takes one line as input. The input line contains three integers separated by spaces. Let
the three integers be I1, I2, and B. I1 and I2 are both nonnegative integers up to 100 digits long (there are
no leading 0s, except when the value itself is 0). B is I1 and I2’s base (B is from 2 to 10).

Your program should output:
1. the sum of I1 and I2, using the school method,
2. the product of I1 and I2, using the Karatsuba algorithm
3. the ratio between I1 and I2 (rounded down).

You are asked to come up with a way to perform this division. I2 will not be 0.
The results should still use base B. Please separate the results using one space.

Sample input 1: 101 5 10

Sample output 1: 106 505 20

Sample input 2: 10 111 2

Sample output 2: 1001 1110 0

Sample input 3: 111 10 2

Sample output 2: 1001 1110 11

For input 11100111101110001110000000010010011100110011001110000111100011110110110001010000100 111100000011110000101101 2

Output received Enter I1, I2 and B: Output should be 11100111101110001110000000010010011100110011001110000111101011010111001111010110001 11011001011100111100101000100001010011111011011010001101011010100100100111111101000100001110100000100110100 11110110111011011010111111110100101110011000001000101011001

For input 451710053133256677641251311040226202326227045005325205103122312 4516571706445517636723600401754640024213675365546 8

Output received Enter I1, I2 and B: Output should be 451710053133263416433157756560065126126631021645351421000510060 2552243562140011401532646724217051153537454152360561035761647043014346722502103144202523222512076347532750213174 100005255607652

For input 220120202110220201020111002201122122102201101222210221011220001121220201200200200000020101121122212 2200021111000221021022110100112202100 3

Output received Enter I1, I2 and B: Output should be 220120202110220201020111002201122122102201101222210221011220011022012012201121221022200202011102012 2102210211120012010011221001210021000211000110210122222121000121122021210202001210012012001222022012222212100022101200121210210200222200 100011221210012022211201111012120112111010120210220111201222110

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