Effective Techniques To Write the Best 5 Para Essay

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Essay is a piece of writing where the writer expresses his views or argument based on the subject. Essays are divided intoformal and informal essay. Teachers assign students with topics such as social issues, environmental matters, adapting to changes, technology upgradation and its role in our lives, how to overcome fears and deal with stress, Famous monuments and their story behind it etc. These are the common topics that school students work on and such topics come under formal essays. Topics like review of a novel, experiencing joy, trip to your favorite destination, learning a new skill or activity, your experience in summer camp, competing in a difficult exam, most best lived moment etc are also the topics given by the teachers for homework purposes and for school magazine purposes and such topics come under informal essays. Formal and informal essays are written differently.

For Formal essays, the choice of words is quite simple. Jargon words are avoided. Everything is mechanically put. The essay is written in thethird person and the tense used is according to your content and time period.

Whereas in informal essays, the choice of words put to use is fancier and its presented in a story format. Its written for enjoyment. The sentence structure is more of long, relaxed styles and less rigid and the kind of tense put to use is again according to the content and time period. Informal essay is written in conversational style as though the writer is directly speaking to the reader.

The Essay generally ends with the third paragraph as conclusion. Five paragraph essay is pretty long which means a lot of content. You just cannot dump words and conclude it by saying that it’s an essay. You need to format and conclude it properly.

Readers get irked when they see a boring essay which isn’t giving them much to think about. Your five-paragraph essay needs to be easy, understandable and interesting. Based on the subject your arguments need to match up to the topic’s expectations.

Writing is not an easy task and since it’s a five-paragraph essay instead of making it boring and vague here are some tips that will help you to write an interesting one!

1  Drafting an Introduction:

1) Start with a hook– You should capture the reader’s attention, so introduce your topic in a creative way. The sentences should be generalized and should be able to give a basic idea of the topic. Quotes, anecdotes or some powerful statement will make brilliant hooks for an essay.

* For hooks you can use ideas for e.g. nature is often used as a metaphor to explain ideas and about thejourney of life.  

 *Don’t reveal your intentions to the audience- “In this essay” or “I am going to show”.

II) A statement that will provide more details about your essay – Give necessary background information. The second statement should provide necessary details while remaining generalized. Define your topic well.
* Remember this is your introductory part of theessay so don’t reveal your main points.

111)Another sentence about your topic that leads to your essay– Continue providing background information, but start to narrow down your essay the reader should the see the focus of your essay and shape that it takes further.

 1) IV) Finish the introduction of your essay– Your introductory should contain your stance and supportive points, yet not revealing your main

2. The Second, Third and Fourth Paragraph: Supporting Details

This is where the main delivering point of the subject starts. Provide concrete theories, facts, statistics and details for the three points in your introductory (first para) paragraph to support your essay. Take each point from your introductory (first para) and discuss them in paragraphs:

*First write the topic- sentence of your paragraph that summarizes your point                                       

 *Next explain why your point is true

 *In the end, present your evidence, facts to support your reasoning

Now you have the body paragraphs and repeat point 2 and 3. The best part of providing an introductory statement isthat it gives the idea to the reader about the essay in the first paragraph and it provides an outline of the body.

3.  The Fifth Paragraph: The Conclusion

However powerful your first, second, third and fourth paragraph may be the conclusion needs to be structured properly or else your essay would stand on a weak base. The concluding part must end briefly as it defines the whole topic.

A good conclusion strengthens your argument and summarizes how you have proven its validity.

To write an interesting essay, your content must be related to the above-discussed points or else contradictory points can clearly show that you have poor skills in writing.

Try to bring more effective thoughts to support your argument and have a critical approach throughout your essay.
In your conclusion, you should restate the points in your essay and connect it to the whole body of the composition in a sentence that explains how each point supports your scripture. Your conclusion should be precise and should uphold your main idea in a clear and compelling manner. Do not provide any new information in the conclusion.  Use simple language and avoid harsh language throughout. Your conclusion should leave a lasting impression on the reader. Use some powerful or catchy statements in your conclusion to ensure that the reader keeps thinking about your essay if he/she has finished reading

4. Editing Your Essay:

Your essay isn’t done here, after writing your essay you need to proofread, edit, correct all the grammatical mistakes that you have made. Fix your formatting, read your essay at least 3-4 times to see whether the sentences have been put properly or not- to check the flow of ideas. Double check that you have addressed your thesis throughout.


Writing a five-paragraph essay isn’t easy but following these points will make your work easy.

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