How To Write An Argumentative Essay Format? Significant Ways To Approach Argumentation Formats


Are you getting puzzled to find an effective format for an argumentative essay? Then we are here to show you the right ways that would help you to write a great argumentative essay format. In this blog, our assignment help experts will provide you with a complete solution on selecting perfect formats of argumentative essays.

How to write an argumentative essay format?

The basic building blocks to present logical arguments on a particular thesis statement must contain the followings:

  • When an argumentative essay do is essential to write?
  • What are the Approaches to argumentative essays?
  • An Introduction to argument
  • The body paragraph: Developing discursive statements
  • Concluding the arguments.

In an argumentative essay, the author must express his views strongly for a topic or against a topic. He defines every point very clearly and with proper evidence.

An argumentative essay is a significant way of academic writing where a writer wishes to represent both sides of an argument. The main objective of an argumentative essay is to communicate knowledge rather than sure about something, this is the reason why this type of essay differs from persuasive essay.

The necessary skills required for the evaluation of an argumentative essays are:

  • Research skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Writing skills

This type of experiment is designate to trail a student’s capability to make debate. It therefore greatly influence the students to acquire public speaking skills in their career as well as in their life. While writing an argumentative essay, it is important to concentrate on facts and information rather than personal ideas or preferences. Regardless, the thesis must include all of the primary points (and counterpoints) that will reflects in the essay.

What are the fundamental constitutions of an argumentative essay?

Posture: It is necessary to decide which side of the argument does one is taking. Against a given topic or for a topic. For example if the topic is ‘banning of mobile phones at school: yes or no?’, some people may raise valid reasons why the banning of smartphones are necessary at school, while other may say that banning is not required, because it has many advantages too. It depends on the perception of a human being, in what way he thinks, he accepts the reasons could be. Every issues has some advantages and some disadvantages too, it is the choice or thoughts on which edge one wants to take.

Assertion: This is a stage where one should provide accurate substantiation for ones reasons firmly from outside resources. For example, if the bags of students are not searched properly, whether they are carrying any cell phone at school will not be noticed.

Counterargumentation: This is where one need to overlap other’s point of view by his own debated points. Provide the opposing argument from your point of view is very important. And these need a depth or grip over the topic. After stating these counterarguments, one should state why he is false, weak, or ineffective by presenting further evidence.

Some significant ways to approach argumentation formats:

A brief introduction where one take the opportunity to introduce the dominant underlying theme of his statement (the thesis statement). Example: Banning of smartphones are necessary at school premises because it interrupts as well as distract the mind during class hours. Various illicit videos also make a deep impact on their student life. 

Background of the situation where one introduce early studies about students who have grown up in adoptive environments. Here one may talk about the advantage of using cell phones at school. Like the cell phones are used to inform their parents at its early if any mishaps happen to them, they may take help from internet to solve any question, they can access other books from internet, etc.

Main arguments: start talking about the main debate points of one’s position. For example, one may stay strict on his point that the use of cell phones at school violets the discipline of the school.

Disproving: Here is where the counterarguments come into loud. Introduce with sufficient proximate cause that overcome the bows coming from opposite sides with significant reasons behind his opinion. Example: Students may globally connects with other students and teacher, at the same time they become well aware of different education systems. They would come to know the various applications of what experiment they do at their lab.

Strong Conclusion: one need to express all of the main arguments and provide solutions or studies that need to be conducted in the future.

How to write an argumentative essay?

  • Be consistent and relativity to the subject or topic to discuss;
  • Pour importance on which side to stand;
  • Inherent values of the topic;
  • Potentiality to expand research on the topic.

Here are some examples of good argumentative essay formats to get started:

  • Samsung Vs Motorola: Which smartphone is better?
  • Is abortion a criminal offence?
  • Do violent video games have a negative psychological impact on children mind?
  • From an economic standpoint, are electric vehicles better for environment?
  • Nuclear power is a boon or bane?

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