Top 97+ Powerful Philosophy Research Topics & Ideas


Philosophy is an amusing subject that deals with the examination of fundamental and common questions about knowledge, continuation, reason, language, values, and the opinion. It is a vast discipline that revolves around intellect, truth, and goodness. Some common areas of philosophy include Metaphysics, Logic, Epistemology, and Political Philosophy.

In order to write a forceful philosophy research paper, instead of proper focusing on the facts, you need to critically analyze, distinguish hidden arguments, build logical arguments, and should also persuade your readers that your contention is reliable. Most importantly, for writing a good philosophy research paper, you must have an effective philosophy research theme.

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Are you a philosophy research student who is searching for interesting philosophy points to write your thesis paper? Are you disarranged about how to choose the best philosophy research paper topic? Continue reading this post and get the list of top philosophy research topics along with the tips on how to select a proper philosophy topic for a thesis or discourse.

Simple Philosophy Research Topics

  1. What is loneliness?
  2. Dog and cat: Which is additional superior?
  3. What are utopia and anti-utopia?
  4. Should abortion be approved?
  5. What are the pros and cons of capital chastisement?
  6. Why is cloning banned in many countries?
  7. Can belief in God change human nature?
  8. What is eternity?
  9. What is agreement?
  10. What is power?

Interesting Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Can a person be cheerful without a family?
  2. What is the Supernatural? Is there each evidence of its existence?
  3. Is it achievable to be rich without having a lot of money?
  4. Should people always follow the rules?
  5. What is the value of truth?
  6. What makes people kill in the name of religion?
  7. Can we associated traditions supported by science and compel people to follow them as customs?
  8. Is it possible to change the main characters that define a person?
  9. Discuss crucial modern-life values.
  10. What is your meaning of happiness?

Philosophy Research Topics on Human Life

  1. Why is it involved to live a happy life?
  2. What things create human life senseless?
  3. Is there life after death?
  4. What is the ideal life?
  5. What makes human life meaningful?
  6. Should death be treated as the final point in human life or as the beginning of something new?
  7. Would you like to live your life more than once?
  8. Evaluating life existence: Are humans the only living organisms?
  9. Human life and culture
  10. How to lead a happy life?

Impressive Philosophy Research Topics

  1. What makes people commit crimes even when they know that they will face capital punishment?
  2. What makes women physically less strong as compared to men?
  3. To love or to be loved: Which is more important?
  4. Is it possible to always think positively?
  5. Can torture be justified?
  6. A vacation or well-paid job: What would you take?
  7. Why is religion important above anything else for a lot of people around the globe?
  8. Can we declare humanity as a supreme religion?
  9. How can the custom of dowry be eliminated from people’s minds?
  10. Is it possible for parents to be the best friends to their children in a real sense?
  11. How are the age of maturity and the age of marriage defined by society?
  12. What is the best way to boost a person’s creativity?
  13. Why can’t social behavior and ethics be separated?
  14. Are animals different from people?
  15. Why do some people live without feeling alive?

Captivating Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Is it possible to create an ideal society?
  2. What are the best ways to reach peace in the world?
  3. Should the church be involved in politics?
  4. What are the pros and cons of genetically modified articles?
  5. Is euthanasia ethical?
  6. Evaluate the relationship between war and peace.
  7. How has social media involved people’s moral behavior?
  8. Analyze the impression of beauty on human development.
  9. Should parents be held dependable for the actions of their children?
  10. Can animal experiments be justified?
  11. What are the pros and cons of committing suicide?
  12. Can we justify the investigation on human beings?
  13. What is the ethics backside Bit coin or other cyber-currency applications?
  14. How to increment the level of IQ?
  15. What are the pros and cons of utilitarianism?

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Few Brilliant Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Is there a moral responsibility to be honest?
  2. Should we allow incarcerated convicts to have children?
  3. What are the pros and cons of marriage?
  4. Should human beings demand a stake in other planets such as the moon and mars?
  5. What are the pros and cons of childless families?
  6. Is it ethical to use steroids to enlarge results in athletics?
  7. What are the pros and cons of communism?
  8. Positive and Negative characters of Machiavelli’s ideas
  9. Are humans really the kings of the universe?
  10. What are the pros and cons of total contain?
  11. Is it really true that early to bed, early to rise can make a person stay healthy forever?
  12. Should modern celebrities be deliberate a positive model for contemporary youth?
  13. Does genetics advanced to human behavior?
  14. Assess the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.
  15. What does the term ‘to cross the border of ethical conduct’ mean?
  16. Ethical ideas concerning abortions.
  17. Video games and their effects on the ethical behavior of people.
  18. Is purity objective or subjective?
  19. What are the characters of the Good and the Evil?
  20. What is the effect of the binary opposition on the development of humankind?

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Few Amazing Philosophy Research Topics

  1. What is your attitude to “artificially designed babies”?
  2. What is the future of humankind and humans?
  3. Is 1 + 1 really equal to 2?
  4. What is the sense of your existence?
  5. Is there a possibility of working out a universal language?
  6. The postmodernism concept in philosophy.
  7. What ideas or principles should an ideal family possess?
  8. Should patriotism be regarded as a morality?
  9. What are the pros and cons of organ transplantation?
  10. Is it ethical to have circuses?
  11. Is it reasonable to inform a white lie?
  12. Can murder be justified?
  13. How to solve an effect between parents and children?
  14. Why are humans cruel and evil?
  15. Should religion be forbidden by law?
  16. Are morals related to culture?
  17. Do human beings earn to have children?
  18. Reasons and solutions of mass panic and hysteria
  19. Is it worth oblation health in order to become more beautiful?
  20. Is science consistent with religion in the contemporary world?


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