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Are you a student? Do you have a phobia in mathematics? Searching for the result of the equation solver? Then this blog is going to be apt for you; in this blog our assignment help experts will guide you regarding all the troubles of equation solver and give you easiest tips and tricks to vanish in fear in mathematics.

From the very fast beginning to the higher studies, a student passes through various stages in academics. There mathematics plays a vital role in teaching students about all its variations. Equation solver is one of them. There are many students who have a strong fear in mathematics due to its complex solution, technique, a plethora of formulas to remember and minute details and understanding. Solving any kind of math is not a difficult task till we are here to guide you. There are various types of formulas like BODMAS, BEDMAS, GEDMAS, MDAS etc through which you will be able to solve any kind of math equation.

In mathematics, if you want to solve an equation, you need to find the solution, which consists of various values like numbers, sets, functions etc, and it fulfills the condition that is stated in the equation. It is generally consisting of two expressions that are stated by an equal sign. In this case one or more variables are called as unknowns. A solution is generally an assignment of values consisting of unknown variables that makes the equality in the equation perfect. It is also called a root of the equation.

You can solve the equation by any mode i.e. numerically or symbolically. If you are solving an equation numerically, it indicates that only numbers are admitted as solutions. On the other hand if you are solving an equation through symbolically, it indicates that expressions might be used for representing the solution.

In our elementary level we meet various types of symbols i.e.

  • ‘+’ for addition,
  • ‘-‘ for subtraction,
  • ‘*’ for multiplication,
  • ‘/’ for division,
  • ^ for exponents (if we write 3^2 it indicates 3 raised to the power of 2)
  • ‘r’ for roots
  • For grouping or brackets we use (), {}, [] these symbols.

These symbols are used while we are going to solve the problems in equation solver.

The main aim of solving equations is to make both the value of variables true and it must satisfy the condition of the equation. To make both the equations true, balancing both the equations are also needed sometimes. By applying it, the left hand side (LHS) and right hand side (RHS) are made equal. It makes the equation easier to solve. Below we have listed some of the common rules of balancing.

  • If we need to add a number to balance the equation, then we will add the number to both the sides i.e. if p=q, then p+r=q+r (r is added in both the sides)
  • If we need to subtract a number, they we will apply it in both sides i.e. p=q, then p-r=q-r (here r is subtracted in both the sides)
  • If multiplication is needed, then we will multiply a number in both sides i.e. p=q, then p*r=q*r (r is
  • If division is needed, then we will divide a number from both the sides i.e. p=q, p/r=q/r (remember that the value of ‘r’ must not be 0)

How to Solve Equations of One Variable?

One variable is commonly known as linear equation and it can be written in ax+b=0 this form, here a, b, c are considered to be real numbers. To solve the linear equation you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Try to remove the parentheses and if needed use the distributive property if required.
  • Combine all the terms and simplify both the sides.
  • If there is any fraction in the equation, multiply both sides with the least common denominator or LCD.
  • Isolate all the variables and get the answer of the solution.


4(x+3) = 25+x

We will simplify the LHS through distributive property.

Or, 4x+12 = 25+x

Now, we need to group like terms by using a transporting method. The resultant will be,

Or, 4x-x = 25-12

Or, 3x = 13

Or, x = 13/3

How to solve an equation using the Transporting method?

In this method we will change the sides of the numbers. This changing method is called transporting. While changing the numbers, we need to change the signs too.



Or, 6y = 9-3

Or, 6y=6

Or, y=6/6

Or y= 1

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