What were the Consequences of Being a University Student during COVID-19?


Are you a student? Want to know about the condition of a university student during the COVID-19 pandemic? Then you are at the right platform; here present our assignment writing help experts would guide you regarding the condition of students during the pandemic situation. 

As we start going to our colleges and universities, there remains a mixed feeling of both fear and comfort. Most students don’t have any knowledge of what to expect and what not. Most students feel puzzled as they first meet the huge crowd and every single day students start accumulating new experiences. I hope you have the same feeling as all of us. Meeting new friends, attending various kinds of events, and exploring nearby places, restaurants, parks, museums, theatres, etc are the daily schedule. 

These all make the students engaged and they don’t feel bored. But besides such a pleasant moment, the whole world faced such a crisis where all people were bound to keep themselves closed in their rooms. As day by day the matter started getting worse, the condition of people became awful. All over the world, all educational institutions implemented a curfew in order to lessen the spread.

Condition of Students during Covid-19

During the pandemic situation, we find the living condition of students varied student-to-student. There were a lot of students who were living with their parents, on the other hand, some students were living in their off-campus, hostels, mess, or in rented houses with their roommates. Students who were spending their time with their family said that it gave them adequate time to spend with their parents and other members of the family. But on the other hand, students who were living outside their homes faced a lot of crises. They were unable to meet their classmates, besides this, financial crises were a common problem for them. Privacy became a serious concern for them. Residing at home with family or with classmates and attending online classes became the most tedious job for them. Students were unable to separate their private life and work life, as they were doing everything from home. 

Our research help experts arranged a survey in this regard and wanted to know about the condition of students during such a situation, and they came to know that most students of famous universities were living in the university halls. But coronavirus reached the university halls too. It makes them worried thinking about their academic career, family, etc. 

Isolations with Roommates

According to the students, whenever someone in the flat or university campus got infected, other students are told to go for isolation for a period of 14 days in order to stop the spread of coronavirus. It was the most pathetic situation for them, as they were far away from their family, and besides this, they had to keep a safe distance from their roommates too. 

In the beginning, some of the students found it quite interesting, as they were told to keep their distance from the people whom they meet a week, or 2-3 days, or even the previous day. Most students from various universities around the world took the test even in such isolating situation. 

Measures Taken by Universities

In a survey, our dissertation help experts found that most universities took necessary measures in order to protect their students and staff from the dreadful virus. To stop the spread of the virus, universities set necessary guidelines for students, such as, students who stayed at the university campus, hostels, etc were not allowed to enter the bedroom of other students and they were allowed to talk from outside or over the phone only. The physical meeting was strictly prohibited. 

According to that guidelines, students were regularly asked to take regular tests for COVID-19. Besides this, they started online classes instead of physical classes. Using masks in public places was a must, and using hand sanitizer, and hand washing was a part of life. To make the students aware of it, most universities had put hand sanitizer at almost every entrance of the buildings. Students’ body temperatures were checked regularly, if any student was found with high temperature, they were immediately sent to isolation and they were kept under observation. Maintaining social distance was another thing that students had to keep in mind during attending any seminar or lecture.

How Social Distancing Affected the Students

As students start joining their university, they keep themselves busy meeting new people, partying, attending various events set by the university, etc. But due to the outbreak of coronavirus, most universities failed to arrange their fresher’s week and postponed it. There were some universities, that organized fresher’s week virtually, where they arranged various events, like online nightclubs, and escape rooms, but the irony is most students did not show their interest in attending those events. 

There were some restaurants and pubs that were open for a limited period, but a large number of students were not allowed to enter them. So, most students missed the opportunity. So, most students planned to meet up as the coronavirus outbreak would be over. Sitting at home all the time and confined to a particular place for more than six months, was undoubtedly very difficult for all of them.

What are the Pros and Cons of Online Classes

In a survey, it is found that more than half of the students from all over the world were taught online during the year. The majority of the syllabus was learned online with four to five hours per day sitting in front of mobile, laptops, etc. According to students, they did not find attending those online classes, watching recorded videos, etc to be engaging, and after a certain time, they found it to be the most tedious job. But this situation gave us a new way of teaching and learning. 

But there are some students for whom online classes proved to be effective. As they got enough time for preparing their syllabus, assignments, etc. For some students, online classes were useful as they saved their time and students get adequate time for sleeping in the morning. There was no hurry before joining the classes.

Impact of COVID-19 on Student’s Mental Health

As students join their university, they have mixed feelings about the environment, professors, friends, etc. The arrival of COVID-19 gave a serious impact on student’s mental health. In a survey, it is found that more than 25% of students found that their universities provided adequate mental support during the pandemic situation. But most universities were emphasizing students’ physical health instead of mental health. According to some students, there was a lack of general support from the side of professors. Most educators and staff were oblivious to this particular issue. 

During such a situation, professors were not needed to be so professional. If they could involve the students personally and ask them about their physical and mental health, it would be better for students to stay mentally strong.

What was the reaction of students while joining the physical classes?

There were very few universities that allowed students to attend classes physically, but most students reported that they were attending classes virtually. Attending online classes from remote areas or environments was one of the most common advantages for them. But several students reported various kinds of drawbacks to it, as they found the classes failed to draw the attention of students, lower engagement, confusion, no interaction, and confusing expectation from experts, etc. As students were habituated to the physical classes, for them adopting a new situation within a short span was quite challenging. 

As the pandemic situation was over, we entered into a new normal situation, most universities started offline classes, and it made the students really happy, as, after a long time, they got the opportunity to meet their friends again, and got the scope to share their feelings, experiences, etc again.

Students’ Concern about the Situation

Several students showed their anxiety regarding their academic and professional careers. They were worried about how long this would last and when the world would return to its previous situation. 

In this situation taking examinations physically was not possible, so students appeared in online exams, where they were given a plethora of marks. It made the students worried thinking that would they be able to get a better job opportunity after completing their course, as almost all the students got the approximately same grade. 

Conclusion: I hope after reading the blog you have understood the condition of being a university student during the outbreak of COVID-19. But now we have overcome such a situation, and the world is healing itself day by day.

We have adopted ourselves into the new normal situation, where we are still maintaining some of the COVID-19 protocols. If you are facing any kind of trouble regarding your assignments, then you can take help from our assignment help Canada experts, who offer various kinds of help based on various subject matters and topics. If you are interested to know more about us, then you can visit our official website where you will get the option to chat with our experts, who remain active 24*7 in order to help the students in reaching their academic goals. 

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