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BBPS4103 Strategic Management

Part I



The objective of this assignment is to enhance individual learner’s skills, knowledge, and cognitive in analysing and evaluating an organisation’s internal and external environment.


Download the 2021 annual report of Apollo Food Holdings Berhad from the following link:

You also can visit Bursa Malaysia website to search for additional information. Conduct an internal analysis for Apollo Food Holdings Berhad and an external analysis for the industry related to the company. Prepare the following information: 

Part I: Vision and Mission

  • Propose a vision statement
  • Propose a mission statement
  • Justification

Part II: External Analysis

Prepare External Environmental Factor Matrix (EEFM) (Refer example page 60 in the English version module)

Part III: Internal Analysis

Prepare the Internal Organisational Factor Matrix (IOFM) (Refer example page 91 in the English version module)

QUESTION/ TASK 2 (60%): 


The objective of this assignment is to enhance individual learner’s skills, knowledge, and cognitive in generating effective and efficient strategies.


Referring to Task 1, generate strategies for Apollo Food Holdings Berhad in the coming years using few matching tools.

 Part IV: Formulating

4.1 SWOT Analysis (Refer on page 126 in the English version module)

4.1.1 TOWS matrix

4.1.2 Strategies (suggest and discuss 2 strategies)

4.2 Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) (Refer on page 107 in the English version module)

4.3 Strategic Position Action and Evaluation (SPACE) (refer to page 108 in the English version module)

              4.3.1 SPACE matrix

              4.3.2 Strategies (suggest and discuss 2 strategies) 

Part V: Implementing

Suggest one suitable company’s organisational structure for the company. Justify why the proposed structure is the best match for the company.

Part II


Discuss the following topic(s) in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions.

  1. Have you ever participated in a strategic planning process? If yes, share your experience. If not, why were you not invited, and why you should have been invited?
  2. Share a company that has attract your interest with their creative strategies.
  3. Capital A has launched AirAsia Ride, a new business e-hailing subsidiary. Provide your opinions on their strategies whether it is a good or poor strategy.
  4. After less than four months of operation in France, Shopee has withdrawn from the market. What are your opinions, whether it is a reasonable or not decision?


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