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Question:Demonstrate the ability to create and use subclasses and inheritance. This includes overriding method behaviors and using polymorphism.

Create an Aircraft class that has several properties that are common to all aircraft (Ex: number of engines, seat capacity). You define the name of the Class and the actual fields. The fields MUST BE PRIVATE!!! You must define a constructor that allows you to provide at least some of the
field values used for an aircraft. You must define a printCharacteristics() method.
Create three subclasses for specialized types of aircraft. An example might be a Fighter, Acrobat, and Freight. You do not have to use these three choices. You define the names of the classes.
Each specialized craft should have additional properties that are common to just that type of specialized craft. These fields MUST BE PRIVATE. For each derived class, you must define a constructor that allows you to provide at least some of the field values used for these subclass aircraft. You must define any getter/setter methods you need.

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Make a SINGLE C++ vector of Aircraft pointers. You will populate this list by reading commands from an input file. This vector will hold pointers to any type of Aircraft including your three derived classes.
The commands in the file will cause you to create your Aircraft objects or print them using the printCharacteristics() method. This method must be overridden in each subclass.
The output should print a well formatted description of all the specific and inherited information for each craft. (Make sure you up on virtual functions and virtual destructors).

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