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Introduction To Marketing Analytics – Manm317


The individual coursework assignment (100% of the course unit marks) will seek to demonstrate your practical understanding of the marketing analytics concepts and techniques discussed throughout the semester.

This document consists of 9 pages.

Learning Objectives

The main objectives of this assessment are:

  • Possess an applied understanding of different analytics methods
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the R programming environment to manipulate data and implement statistical modelling and analysis in order to address marketing problems
  • Break complex tasks into parts and steps
  • Plan and manage time
  • Communicate findings and ideas professionally and creatively Overview

You will take over the role of Market and Insights Analyst at the consulting services department of a multinational professional services firm. As part of this role, you are asked to work across the following three (3) different client engagement projects.


All projects carry the same weighting. Each project includes a series of tasks summing up to 100 points. The descriptions of the three (3) client engagement projects are available at the end of this document.

Submission and Word Limit

Your will need to produce one (1) written report. The word limit for the report is 3,500 words

(±10%). Your report must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.docx).

As an appendix, you will also need to provide either an Rmarkdown file (.Rmd) or an R

Script file (.R) that includes all code commands necessary to reproduce your analyses and graphs. You will not get any marks without the relevant code commands.

Layout and Style

The report should follow the suggested format guidelines: Font Arial 11pt, single line

spacing, page numbers, numbered headings, numbered and labelled figures and tables.


Please ensure that language, thoughts, ideas, code commands, and any other forms of intellectual output developed by you are not shared with other students as this constitutes a form of plagiarism. Please familiarise yourselves with the Plagiarism information on MySurrey.

Marking Structure

You may also wish to view the University grade descriptors to review the generic statements that describe achievement in terms of the range and breadth of knowledge and abilities a student is required to achieve. These can be accessed in the Assessments section of MySurrey.

Submission Deadline and Method

You need to submit your report and appendix by ……... You will

need to submit via the dedicated folder on the course SurreyLearn page. No email submissions will be accepted.

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