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Ethical and Legal Case Analysis.

Details of task: In this paper, you need to demonstrate your ability to determine a particular course of action and support your decision with evidence from an ethical and legal perspectives. You need to analyse an issue identified from your clinical practice that has ethical and legal implications. This essay provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate in-depth understanding; and sound and logical argument to support your thoughtful position on the issue. Between 15 - 20 references are required. ref: Forrester, K., & Griffiths, D. (2015). Essentials of Law for Health Professionals (4th ed.). Sydney, NSW: Mosby Elsevier Johnstone, M.J. (2016). Bioethics: A Nursing Perspective (6th ed.). Sydney: Churchill Livingstone Staunton, P., & Chiarella, M. (2017). Law for nurses and midwives. (8th ed.), Chestwood, NSW: Elsevier. Storch, J.L., Rodney, P., & Starzomski, R. (2013). Toward a moral horizon: nursing ethics for leadership and practice (2nd ed.).Toronto: Pearson Education Canada Cole, C., Wellard, S., & Mummery, J. (2014). Problematising autonomy and advocacy in nursing. Nursing ethics, 21(5), 576-582.

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