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Select an existing New Zealand Organisation that interests you and develop a well-researched case study exploring the areas of the organisation as outlined below.

Develop a case study of a contemporary organisation.

Select an existing New Zealand Organisation that interests you and develop a well-researched case study exploring the areas of the organisation as outlined below.

Explore how the organisation works or is engaged in the various marketing aspects in-the-real-world – do not spend all your time talking theory, you need to show application, interpretation and understanding of theory and how it applies in the real world activities of the organisation.

The goal of the assessment is to show managerial insight through the case study in order to help inform other people in organisational management.


Assignment title: Debate on the role of markets and marketing and the analysis of buying behaviour in order to develop effective marketing communications: A case study on (write the selected organisation here)

  1. Introduction 5 Marks
  • Introduce the assignment topic
  • Background of the selected organisation and reasons for selection
  • Objective of this assignment
  • Structure of the assignment
  1. Debate on the role that marketing plays in this business 5 Marks
  • Explore the role marketing plays in the business – the marketing focus of the business.
  • Debate on the role of marketing (three arguments for and three arguments against)
  1. Debate on the role that markets play in this business 5 Marks
  • Discuss the role that selecting/selected markets play for the business – including market competition 5 Marks
  • Debate on the role of market (three arguments for and three arguments against) 5 Marks
  1. Discuss the effects of the internal and external environments of the organisation in relation to their marketing strategies5 Marks
  2. Analysis of buyer behaviour in relation to the company’s marketing communications 6 Marks
  • Analyse the relevance of buyer behaviour to the company 6 Marks
  • It's current marketing communications strategies. 6 Marks
  • Criticism over its current marketing communication strategies6 Marks
  • Two recommendations for developing effective marketing communication6 Marks
  1. Conclusion 5 Marks
  • Brief summary of findings
  • Challenges and how you have overcome them
  • Significance of this research
  • Recommendations

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