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Question:Fried Egg C++ assignment

The focus of assignment is on modular program design where you are require to develop your program using user-defined functions. It also requires you to write a program that interact with Input/Output files.


For the report, you are require to include the following :

(i) A structure chart of your program that hierarchically shows the various modules (aka functions) and how they link to one another. An example of structure chart is shown below

(ii) C++ Program listings (with appropriate comments) – you are to use user-defined functions for each of the major tasks (see below).

(iii) Print shots of input and output (with all the testing and validity checks). Sampe I/O files content (if relevant). Print screens of actual runs with all the possible test data.

Problem and Program Specifications

IVM Main Menu to contain the following items :

1. eWallet

2. Purchase Items

3. Display Transactions

4. Pin Number

5. Exit

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0. Login Specs :

Prior to performing any transactions on IVM, user (only single user) is required to enter a valid Pin Number. There are three scenarios as follow :

  •  New or first time user of IVM : the system has to randomly generate SIX (6) digit number, and perform the secret code formula as described in Assignment 1 to generate the Pin Number (PIN). Prompt the generated PIN to the user; remind the user to write down the PIN and exit IVM. This PIN is to be stored in an external file so it can be retrieved later.
  • Returning user of IVM : the user to enter their PIN and the system check against the stored secret code. If a match is found, the system display IVM Main Menu and the user can proceed with the rest of transactions. In the case of invalid PIN, IVM allows TWO (2) more attempts to be made by user. Failing this, IVM will exit with a proper message displayed to the user to try again later.
  •  Forgot PIN : this part is OPTIONAL, you can think of any “practical” solution to help user recovered/retrieved their PIN.


Programming Requirements (Prog. Req.) : You need to write function(s) for each of this scenario and to read/write to an external file that store user PIN.

1. eWallet Specs :

Similar to the specs in Assignment  but now we have the options to check the current balance in the eWallet and to change the limit of eWallet.

  • Deposit eWallet : top-up certain amount to user’s eWallet; same constraint as in Assignment 1, a maximum value has to be set for eWallet.
  • Check Balance : the system display the current balance in eWallet
  • Limit Settings : allows user to change the current limit set for eWallet; after changes this will become the new limit for the eWallet.


Prog. Req. : Write C++ function for each case.

2. Purchase Items Specs:

Similar to the requirements in Assignment 1, only now IVM allows user to purchase more than one items. For products which cost more than RM 25.95, a 6% SST (Sales and Service Tax) is imposed on them. The number of items to be purchased is determined by the total price of the item(s) purchased or by the current balance in eWallet or by the user selection (see below).

  • IVM allow the user to key in the item name and for each item keyed in, the system randomly generate the price for the item following the same constraints of RM 55.30 price set per item.
  • IVM prompts user to purchase another item, depending on user’s response to the prompt, IVM will continue doing so until either the user decline the offer (to purchase an item) or there is not enough balance in eWallet.


Prog. Req. : Write C++ function for “Purchase Item”, repetition & selection control structures, need to record the transaction details (items purchased and amount dues) to an external file.

3. Display Transactions Specs :

As in the Assignment 1, this option allows IVM to display the current transaction’s details for the item(s) purchased and the amounts due. This may requires reading (retreiving from an external’s file) the transaction’s record committed in the “Purchase Items”.

Prog. Req. : Write C++ function to perform this task, may require reading/retrieving data from an external file.

4. Pin Number Specs :

There are two options that come under this menu :

  • Generate PIN : IVM allows the user to generate a new PIN based on the secret code formula as explained in Assignment 1. The swapping rule is as follows : 1st 6th, 2nd 5th, 3rd 4th. Only that now, IVM would ask the user to verify the newly generated PIN by re-typing the raw SIX (6) digit number into the system. The succesfully generated and verified new PIN will replace the existing PIN.
  • Display PIN : IVM allows user to view their current PIN.


Prog. Req. : Write C++ function for each of these options. May require writing and reading to/from external file to store/read the PIN.

5. Exit :

An option that once selected allows the users to exit IVM system. Upon exiting IVM system, IVM will display the following information :

  • Summary (i.e. no details) of ALL transactions performed in the system, which include transaction done with eWallet, Purchased Items, Display Transaction and Pin Number
  • IVM display a thank and appropriate sendoff message
  • Date and duration spent in the system

Prog. Req. : You may write C++ function(s) to perform the above tasks.


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