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Choose a country and explain briefly its government policy on inward FDI

2 assignments- 1000 words each please

Discussion 2

Question 1. Given the debate between free trade and managed trade, do you think governments should intervene in trade or leave the market to work freely- Explain your reasoning. rnQuestion 2. Choose a country and explain briefly its government’s policy on inward FDI. Try to explain the rationale for this policy and whether you think the policy is appropriate or not. 

Suggested ReferencernWild, J.J & Wild, K,L -2015- International Business- The Challenges of Globalization -8th edition- Pearson. Harlow, pp. 210-222.rn rnDiscussion 3 Due date 22nd of Junern rnwe discuss the future of China and the implications for the global economy.rnQuestion 1. What do you think are the most significant headwinds facing China as it moves towards becoming a fully developed country- Explain why. rnQuestion 2. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of China- Explain why. rnQuestion 3. Given your initial responses to the questions and answers from the previous 5 weeks, write a short paragraph reflecting upon your initial posts to the discussion forums and whether you have now changed your view or perspective – and if so, why- rnReferencernSession 6 GEE references Fan, S., Kanbur, R., Wei, S.J. and Zhang, X. -2013- The Economics of China- Successes and challenges -No. w19648-, National Bureau of Economic Research. Perkins, D.H. -1988- Reforming China’s Economic System, Journal of Economic Literature, 26 -2-, pp.601– 645. Rohde, R.A. and Muller, R.A. -2015- Air Pollution in China- Mapping of concentrations and sources, PLOS One, 10 -8-, p.e0135749. Tisdell, C. -2009- Economic Reform and Openness in China- China’s Development Policies in the Last 30 Years, Economic Analysis and Policy, 39 -2-, pp.271–294

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