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  • Assessment Task 1: Report. Critical Course Review and Reflection

    AITSL Standards:

    This assessment provides the opportunity to develop evidence that demonstrates these Standards:

    • Understand how students learn
    • Students with diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds

    1.5      Di"erentiate teaching to meet with the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities

    2.1       Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area

    3.5   Use e"ective classroom communication

    3.7    Engage parents/carers in the educative process

    5.5    Report on student achievement

    • Engage with parents/carers
    • Engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities

    Assessment Task 1: Report. Critical Course Review and Reflection.

     There are two parts to this assessment.

    Part One: Images – Promotion of senior secondary mathematics courses

    Produces a report which appraises the senior secondary mathematics courses in  your state or territory. For each course make or select an image which conveys a

    significant aspect of the course. In 200 words (plus or minus 10%), relate the reason(s) for

    your choice of image, and highlight positive attributes of the course. Also, cite a brief relevant part of the course syllabus to support your opinion. The collection of images and text should combine to promote the senior secondary mathematics courses to school students. The promotion material for each course should occupy an A4 page.


    Mathematics Preliminary is given as an example below. For this assessment, create your own collection of A4 promotion material for all the other senior secondary mathematics courses in your state or territory.

    Mathematics Preliminary

    Figure 1

    Mathematics Preliminary is for students with special education needs. The Preliminary courses provide adapted approaches to teaching and learning. They are for students who have a recognised disability under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. The students,

    like the butterfly of Figure 1, may not have the capacity to consume much mathematics but they require the arithmetic, measurement and interpretation knowledge to live as independently as possible.

    The course enables students to cope in practical situations such as dealing with money: how to manage shopping and read timetables.

    Greater mathematical self-confidence is promoted by the use of calculators, as apparent from Content Description

    2.4.6 Use their understanding of the magnitude of numbers to decide whether an answer on a calculator is appropriate for the problem they have just solved. To buy a pair of thongs for $16, use a calculator to work out how much change they should get from $20. Look at the answer and decide whether the number is ‘about right’. (School Curriculum and Standards Authority [SCSA], 2013, p. 15)

    A stress-reducing aspect of Mathematics Preliminary is that no examinations are involved and no grades are given, just indication that the course has been completed. The course prepares students for post-school options and further training, and in itself is not a prerequisite for other courses.



    Part Two: Responding to the work of an individual student.

    In Part Two, one of the courses promoted in Part One is explored in greater depth.

      Analyse, interpret and respond to a given  set  of  assessments  for  an  individual student in a senior secondary mathematics course. Sample student scripts for several assessments will be provided.

    • For each assessment you will need to research the correct solutions and mark the work, giving a numerical “In blank” versions of the assessment papers are provided so that you can show the correct solutions and how the marks will be allocated. The completed scripts of a school student are also provided so that you can show how you would mark them. Both your marking schedule and your marked version of the school

    student scripts can be scanned and uploaded as appendices. For each assessment, assign a letter grade in accordance with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s Assessment Guidelines (2017), or the Guidelines of your State or Territory, with appropriate citation. [8 marks]

    • Write feedback about the student’s performance in the This should be appropriate to be seen by the student and the parents/caregivers and to become part of official school documentation – a “school report comment”. (200 words, plus or minus 10%) [8 marks]
    • Give an account of types of errors and mistakes which can cause students to lose marks in senior school Support your account with appropriate academic citation. (800 words, plus or minus 10%) [8 marks]



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