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Planning and Allocating Work

The purpose of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of how work is planned and allocated in the workplace.

This task requires you to show how you plan and allocate work for a team through a clear understanding of what output is required, the resources available, timescales involved and how performance will be measured. You also need to show how you inform your team of requirements through the use of SMART targets, planning and effective communication.

The task also requires you to reflect on those factors that could cause a variance from plan and explain how, with the involvement of the team, you would overcome these.


You should base this task on your current job role or a job role that you hope to have. You should start your task with a short summary to set the context for the assessment including your role, the structure of the team and the nature of the work activity involved.

You may want to relate your answers to an organisation that you work in. If you are not currently working within an organisation, then you may complete this task in relation to an organisation with which you are familiar. This could include experience working in a voluntary capacity.

You should plan to spend approximately 9 hours researching your workplace context, preparing for and writing or presenting the outcomes of this assignment for assessment. The 'nominal' word count for this assignment is 1500 words: the suggested range is between 1000 and 2000 words.

Check your assignment carefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria.

Know how to plan work in the workplace


To show how you can plan to achieve objectives you should follow these steps, providing specific examples and brief supporting explanations:


  • Identify organisational targets relevant to the team. These may already be set for you. You should be clear about these and they should be sufficiently detailed and complete for you to know what you are expected to achieve.


  • Set your own SMART objectives for the team to achieve these targets.


  • Use a suitable technique such as an action plan to plan to achieve at least one of these objectives. GANTT CHART


  • Explain how you can monitor and control the activity you have planned.




  • Identify organisational targets relevant to the team  (4 marks)
  • Set SMART objectives for the team to achieve the targets (8 marks)
  • Use a technique to plan to achieve the objectives – GANTT CHART (12 marks)
  • Explain how to monitor and control a planned activity (12 marks)


Know how to allocate work to team members


To show how you can allocate the tasks required to achieve the team’s objectives you should follow these steps, provide specific examples with brief supporting explanations:


  • Look at your planned activity and the tasks and timescales involved in order to identify the resources required. Make reasonable estimates here if precise details are not available.


  • Decide on the most effective way to allocate work to the team to ensure that they have sufficient detailed and accurate information and instructions to carry out the task(s) required. This should include ensuring that they have opportunities for suggestions and clarification. Describe how you will do this.


  • You will then need to describe how you will check that work is being completed.


  • You also need to identify what kind of support your team members may require to enable them to achieve their objectives and ensure that this is provided. This could be guidance on completing the task, technical support.



  • Identify resources required to complete a planned activity (8 marks)
  • Explain how to allocate work to team members  (12 marks)
  • Explain how to assess and support team performance in achieving objectives (16 marks)





Understand how to improve the performance of a team in delivering to plan


Having completed the above use an actual example of a situation that has occurred or that you believe could occur and produce a reflective statement to show how a variance to plan should be handled. Your statement should cover these assessment criteria:


  • Identify a possible cause of variance from your planned activity.
  • Identify actions to overcome the cause of this variance.
  • Explain how to involve team members in identifying ways to improve performance to meet objectives.



  • Identify a possible cause of variance from a planned activity (8 marks)
  • Identify actions to overcome causes of variance (8 marks)
  • Explain how to involve team members in identifying ways to improve performance to meet objectives (12 marks)





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