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Public Relations Plan

The following scenarios reflect a variety of PR challenges, similar to ones we will be discussing in your lessons. Select one of the following scenarios for your Final Project: PR plan.

For your selected scenario, you will be the PR professional hired by the organization. 

Please note, the scenarios below reflect real organizations and some factual details. However, the descriptions of PR issues and opportunities are purely hypothetical and created as an academic exercise only. For this reason, no contact should be made with these organizations and no primary research with actual customers, employees, etc. should occur. 

1. KidsAbility

 KidsAbility has been supporting children and youth with special needs in the Kitchener-Waterloo area since 1957.  KidsAbility is committed to helping kids realize their potential, by providing them with programs and services from speech therapy to social and behavioural skills.  Demand for services continues to exceed the resources available. Their commitment to kids relies on government funding and the community’s ability to donate money.

KidsAbility has hired you to conduct a PR campaign in hopes of creating awareness among the community about the organization’s continued needs. 

2. Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is celebrating 20 years in business in 2021.  The Conservatory is committed to the education of butterflies and to inspire an appreciation for the role that butterflies, and other insects play in nature.  Their commitment to butterfly education relies on visitor admissions fees and the community’s ability to donate money and volunteer.

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory has hired you to conduct a PR campaign that will use their 20th anniversary as a reason to celebrate the conservatory in hopes of creating awareness among the community about their continued needs. 

3. Brant-Brantford Twin Valley Zoo (Twin Valley Zoo)

Twin Valley Zoo is a well-kept secret from those living outside of the Brantford area. The 25-acres, family run, wildlife park has been home to over 80 species of animals since 1991. The zoo is committed to animal education, conservation, and the environment.  The zoo relies on visitors, volunteers, corporate sponsors, and the community to help sustain the daily operations and continued care for the animals. Many families in the surrounding area, are not yet acquainted with this opportunity to reconnect with nature and wildlife. so close to home.

The Brant-Brantford Twin Valley Zoo has hired you to conduct a PR campaign that will raise awareness about this hidden treasure.  They are hoping this campaign creates a buzz that will attract more visitors to the zoo.

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