By Whom Was Homework Invented and Why? What was the Reason Behind his Death?


Homework is a very essential part of the curriculum and today homework is given in various schools and colleges. Homework makes a person perfect and makes the tasks easier when performed. This makes learning effective and this process has been followed years after years. But have you ever wondered how homework came and from where did it originate? Many students find homework interesting but many do not like homework given to them. Before we come to the main part, we want to inform you that we have assignment help services for the ones who want to do homework as well as don’t want to complete homework at our site, GotoAssignmentHelp. We provide many assignments on various subjects and essays, homework, thesis help to the students so that they can increase their marks in the assignments. We also make many different types of content on education, home décor, yoga, exercise, current events, travel, food, etc. so that you stay updated. 

So, you might be thinking who invented the term “homework”? What is the name of that smart person who believed that homework can create wonders in a person? What was the purpose behind the invention of homework and how did that person die? So, let’s see who invented homework!

Homework is mentioned back in 1 century AD in ancient Rome when Pliny the Younger, the teacher of oratory, asked his followers to take part in at-home activities and his main aim was to develop the speaking skills of a person in a natural atmosphere. The method became popular when the result was found impressive and such techniques were used by other tutors later on. Homework was seen as a motivation for the students to indulge in post classroom learning. Before homework was invented, students hardly made efforts to indulge in learning from schools. Though, in history, an Italian pedagog Roberto Nevilis is considered to be the real inventory of homework in 1905 when he started giving punishments to students on their failure to produce homework. Since then, homework became popular around the world and came to be used worldwide by the teachers. Nevilis felt that his teachings lost value after the students left class. He was disappointed when he came to understand that they could not perform well even after his hard work, so he decided to take action. After homework was invented by Roberto Nevilis, we noticed huge improvements in the field of education and educators believe that the home learning process is very important for effective study. According to Nevilis, it is a way to involve the student in taking initiative to learn something new and it creates interest and imagination within their minds. Increase your score with our homework help and assignment help services from GotoAssignmentHelp.

Roberto Nevilis believed that the academic task provided to the student at home makes him do the task without haste, provides opportunity to plan the course of work, keeps the student updated with the regular study, help the student to choose the rhythm of work, study with no outside estimation and involve all the necessary details of information. The main purpose of the homework is to build eagerness in the child and create responsibility within the child. With homework a student becomes capable of extracting the necessary information from dictionaries, manuals and directories and enhances the student’s research skills. The different objectives involved behind homework was to increase learning activities after schooling hours as teachers felt that students hardly study once they leave school premises. The teachers believed that if they learn at home, it will establish a strong foundation and increase their learning capacity. Each class and lesson have to be finished within a particular time which means that a teacher has to complete the syllabus within a particular time frame and this idea is to encourage students to learn and revise the lessons to increase clarity. Homework enables application and keeps the student in practice so that he can score better grades in his examination. So, homework plays a very important role in a student’s life. Get high-quality assignments and essays from your platform GotoAssignmentHelp.

In the 19th Century, Horace Mann took a strong interest in the education system of Germany and students who attended the Volksschulen were given mandatory assignments which were to be done at home during their own time. This became popular in Europe and also in America later on.

Roberto Nevilis died in 1954. So, if you are having any problem with your assignments and essays, visit our site GotoAssignmentHelp and find your assignment as we provide assignments on more than 180 subjects. We also provide homework help to the students who find them difficult so take your homework help at an affordable price through our site. If you have found our content interesting, reach us at GotoAssignmentHelp.

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