Can I Copy Your Homework? Yeah Just Change It Up: A Very Famous Meme Template


Meme is an image, video or a piece of text often of humorous nature which is spread among the internet users to share jokes on a certain template. Memes are generated through the meme generator which helps in resizing text, images and many templates. Meme generator helps you upload your own template too or you can start with empty templates. We also provide Australian essay writing services on GotoAssignmentHelp to help students understand the subjects better.

How to make a meme

Select a Template: You can use any of the popular templates which are trending on the social media or search through the more uploaded templates by the users using the search input on various apps or you can click “upload new template” to upload your own template from your device. If you are a beginner, you can also design your own meme from scratch by trying “empty” or “blank” templates.

Add Customizations: Add texts, images, drawings, stickers, color, etc. to add some more fun to the meme using the buttons beside your meme page. This makes your meme interesting so it is an important step.

Create and Share: Click on “Generate Meme” and then choose how to share your meme on different platforms and make sure you save your creation. You can share the meme through your phone or share the link on different social sites. While you enjoy the meme “Can I copy your Homework?” We make different homework assignments for the students and we are sure that you do not have to copy anyone’s homework.

How can I customize my Meme?

  • You can easily resize the text boxes by dragging them anywhere around the meme and you can also do it easily on the mobile phone by first clicking on “enable drag/drop” in the More Options section.
  • Customize the font color and outline color where you type your text.
  • You can also add additional text boxes under More Options where you can use any font style. Mobile operating systems like android support fewer fonts and you require to install them.
  • You can install custom stickers and other images like sunglasses, speech bubbles and more. You can change the opacity and resize the stickers.
  • You can easily flip, rotate or crop any templates according to your wish while uploading.
  • You can draw or outline your meme using the panel just above the meme preview image.
  • You can create “meme chains” of multiple images.
  • You can also make animated or video memes and you will get all GIF Templates for your animated memes.

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Can I Copy Your Homework? The sentence refers to a series of jokes which are made as meme and shared on Twitter where two pieces of pop culture are compared and it appears that both are identical. The joke mentions a school practice where one student asks another if he could copy their homework assignment and the other gives a positive response on the condition that he makes few changes in the assignment so that it does not look fully plagiarized, resulting in two nearly identical assignments.

This joke format was tweeted by @essentialpeach on October 18th. 2016 when she tweeted images of popular animated movies by Dreamworks, Disney and Pixar such as Up and Kung Fu Panda but this was not so much popular until December 18th, 2016, when a Harry Potter fan account, @castofhp, tweeted images of musician Ed Sheeran and “Ron Weasley” actor Rupert Grint standing side by side looking very similar and captioned it as “can I copy your homework?”/ “yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied” / “ok”. The joke began spreading to others and became a hit with 24000 retweets and 32000 likes as of January 6th, 2017. People adapted to the various pop cultures and focused the joke on how the identical piece of pop culture became more popular.

The joke also popularized when “Friends” was close in plot and concept as the sitcom Living Single. This example was also represented with “can I copy your homework?” in a Twitter Moment on January 5th, 2017. It drew the attention of The Daily Dot who wrote about the conversations about “Living Single” and “Friends”. This was all about the popular meme. Once you have finished reading the content, visit GotoAssignmentHelp to find the best assignments for you as you will get experienced writers on all the subjects. You will get the best homework assignments, essays, case study help, coursework, etc. on more than 180+ subjects. Do not waste your time pondering whether to visit the site or not, just click on and you will be on the platform soon!

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