3 Effective Communication Techniques That Will Improve Your Communication Skills


Effective Communication Techniques is a straightforward process that allows us to explain our idea and improve our personal and professional relationships. If we know how to listen well and communicate perfectly will help us to express our knowledge in job interviews, business meetings, and also in our personal life. An effective communicator can listen actively and express clearly. There are mainly three different types of communication skills verbal, non-verbal, and written. Before explaining of these three communication skills we are informing you that we have started our online assignment writing service for students through GotoAssignmentHelp university assignment help service. Many subjects are available in GotoAssignmentHelp’s assignment and dissertation service.

Verbal communication: When we speak with other people by video calling, face to face, or over the phone that is called verbal communication. In this communication skill choice of words matter very much and the timing of talking also depends.

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Non-verbal: The non-verbal communication skill refers to body language that people see when the look at face to face conversation. It also applies on a video call. This communication skill depends on facial expression, eye contact, and body language. Every movement and body position is very important for a person in this skill.

Written: Written communication is too in the present day. We can contact others via email, chat, or messaging. These are modern written communication skills. In previous days people communicate with others by handwritten letters. One needs to improve written power for written communication.

Here are some ways to improve communication skills:

If we realize that we don’t have enough knowledge about the basic skills required for good communication there are various reliable ways to improve. Here are a few tips for developing communication skills.

  • Listening actively: An effective communicator is always an active listener. Active listening means what people say or indicate by their words or affirmative replies and asking the next questions show that you have full attention on it. Though you will be a great listener, it can be possible that you need to improve some areas. You can spot your weak areas by looking at the active listening model. Active listening means you are engaged in what the other person is saying and let the conversation pass by you. There are seven keys to how you can improve your active listening skills and the keys are –
  1. Always be attentive when you are listening to something.
  2. Ask open ended questions to whom you are listening at.
  3. If you are unable to get the answers you should do us probing questions.
  4. If you cannot understand what you are listening to, then request the person for clarification.
  5. For greater clarification always do paraphrase what the other says and repeat it back to them, so you can be sure that you understand correctly.
  6. If you want to make sure about everyone’s needs then you should be attuned to their feelings and yourself.
  7. Always try to summarise at the end of your interaction so that you can understand what you have listened to.
  • Speak up about your ideas: Express your needs and also focus on what others are seeking. If you don’t tell about your thoughts it will remain unknown to everybody. If you are a leader, you have to know this communication skill. Because what you are saying, will set the stage for your team to follow. If you have the quality of speaking up about your thoughts and ideas, you can set an example for everyone to do the same.
  • Always try to be practical, not to make assumptions: You can easily assume what others want from you but it could be a cause of misunderstanding because there is a huge difference between the assumptions about the matter and understanding the matter. Misunderstandings can create conflict with others. Here the active listening model can stop the conflict. Always try to understand what is going on in the other person’s head. This is very important because there is always a difference between what we say and what we want. In a complicated situation most people conceal their real needs.
  • Always be aware during the tough conversations: The persons, who have control over their own emotions, never show excitement or unhappiness and also they never continue unnecessary conversations or do any drama.

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It is important to stay calm when something is happening in front of you and you don’t like that. At that time you should try to find some alone time where you can make you self comedown. There is also an important task for self awareness and that is to admit when you are wrong. You will feel that, it is against your ego but it will help to build respect in front of others when you prevent yourself from moving forward to an unnecessary argument where you are wrong.

  • Maintain patience when raising an issue: If you feel that someone did something wrong, you have to maintain patience when you are doing conversations with that person.
  • Speaking publicly: Speaking in front of the public may sound awkward, but it is a good opportunity to develop good communication skills. If you do it regularly you will know your strengths and weaknesses and you can force yourself to develop great communication habits.
  • Asking for feedback from others: When you are trying to develop communication skills you can ask for honest feedback from the person whom you are communicating with. Always ask others to advise you on improving your communication skills.
  • Develop your surroundings: The persons who have highly developed social skills, express their thought and feeling around themselves. If you can develop surroundings with this kind of people and you can communicate with them, your communication skills will be automatically developed.

Besides these, always try to make your conversation brief and clear. If you try to make this out from your initial point of developing communication skills, it will help you a lot. You can maintain silence when it is needed and it will help you to understand what the other person is saying.

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