How Much Does An Assignment Expert Cost?


In the modern educational system, assignment plays an important role for students and teachers. People who have a higher degree in an academic subject and have writing skills can earn money by writing assignments. Many students preferred to take help from an assignment helping website because they consider assignment writing as an extra burden. They find a reliable source that has experienced experts in assignment writing. The needy students always want an affordable source of assignment help. They also look for cheap assignment writing services here and there but I am writing this blog to inform you about the payment structure of assignment help in Australia services. We also give various kinds of assignment help, essay help, and dissertation help through GotoAssignmentHelp a renowned company. Go to the website and have a look at it.

Google will through up many assignments helping websites and offer services at very low prices. Some websites charge ridiculously low prices like 9.95$ per page. Maybe it is easy to gain an assignment in very low but remember that that cannot meet the ultimate good assignment. In the industry of academic writing quality of paramount is importance. When you choose a cheap assignment writing service that can prove costly in other ways. A cheap assignment means incomplete writers. The website which charges 9.95$ per page pays its writers 3$ to 4$ per hour. Even that charges lesser than it. These rates are even below the minimum wage in many countries. If you get something in the name of an assignment at this rate you may get plagiarised paper.

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A professional writer providing a website spends money on component writers, editorial reviews, plagiarism reports, customer support, website maintenance, etc. A famous and competent academic writer from Australia or Singapore charges a minimum of 15$ an hour. Some of the students are satisfied as long as the websites deliver the assignments. They want standard quality zero plagiarism assignments before the deadline. It does not cost too high. There is another set of customers who look for premium assignment help. They want top quality writing with standard features and they are ready to pay a premium.

Those Students want a Premium Assignment Service Including Some Features:

  • Top Three Writer Allocation: Students want the top three subject writers for their assignment. In this feature, an assignment makes higher than the average quality.
  • Guarantee of Grades: A service or company gives a guarantee of gaining at least 60% or equivalent grade by their assignment. If a student cannot get at least a 60% grade the company will refund the full money.

Prices and Discounts

Have you any experience of pay and fail? Thinking about this thing and you want to know what that is. If you have never experienced this then you are lucky. Let us discuss it. Sometimes you want to order an assignment you decided to find an appropriate place. For a student, it is very attractive to get low prices and big promises. A good service will let you know everything about the offer and if there are any hidden charges.

Pricing Policy

All of the assignment writing services follow a particular pricing policy. When you order an assignment be sure about these things –

  • Always attach a deadline. Give the deadline at the finishing of the assignment.
  • Receive an exceptional quality paper.
  • The quality and page quantity of an assignment paper justify the price.

The sources that provide the best assignment at a reasonable price follow some principles. The most important thing about prices is that they may depend on several aspects. Those are –

  • The kind of assignment matters the price. To write an essay do not need much experience in writing. Prices vary on the writing topic.
  • The length of the deadline matters significantly in the price of the assignment. As sooner you need the complete assignment paper that would higher the price of payment.
  • The counting of pages matters the price. The more pages you need in your assignment, the higher price you pay.
  • The academic level of a student is very important for pricing. When you buy an assignment tell your expert your level of educational life. It may be a Master’s, sophomore, PHD or other. It is important to know in which manner the writing of the paper will be.

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You can get some discounts on an academic assignment. Here is the system of discounts:

  • Lifetime Discount: There is an awesome way to have attractive discounts for all orders and forever. Make an order in a specific assignment writing format and get a discount. You have a chance to have up to 15% off.
  • Seasonal Discount: The online services offer their customer seasonal discounts. If you want to get them to watch the notices available on the assignment helping websites. They also give special offers for holidays.
  • Referral Discounts: Referral discounts works the time when you bring a friend to that service. When he/she makes the first order you both can receive a discount.
  • Individual Discount: When the length of your assignment paper is very large and the style of your assignment writing is challenging there is a chance to get an exclusive discount.

You may hire a professional writer to complete your assignment for a little fee. The professional writer who works in five star rating services can assist you in obtaining and submitting high quality and well researched assignment papers to help with assignment. Try to avoid a service which has the cheapest price. Look for a service that is decently priced. A high quality academic writing requires a wide range of abilities. The services that give frequent continuing work use freelance writers. The freelance writers choose to pay on a project by project basis.

Consumer publications often pay for content on a per word basis. A per hour cost basis fee is usually charged for business, technical, and marketing writing services. Payment for a page is often employed in long term tasks like books or manuals and also in editing and proofreading.

Various Types of Freelance Writing Assignments:

  • Online writings such as online content, blogging, and content mill employment are considered to be the lowest paying among all types of writing.
  • Newspaper writing and accompanying duties like social media activities are at the center of the wage scale.
  • Writing for marketing is more lucrative than common content development.
  • An MBA assignment writing like white papers, brochures, and position statements, tends to pay more than an article or other forms of web writing.

Writing those requires special knowledge or a particular course pays much more than general writing. Technical writing, medical writing, scientific writing, and financial writing are special writing.

The Types of Pricing Strategies of Online Assignment Help:

It is challenging to identify a pricing plan that has strong profitability. A company cannot set a very low price for an assignment because there will be no profit for that company. However, if a company has a low brand value that cannot set its pricing too high. Some pricing strategies are –

  • Penetration Pricing Assignment Help: Penetration pricing means a plan for the company to introduce a new product into the market. The price of a product is set cheap when that launches in the market for the first time. It happens to draw customers. The price of product gains when it gains traction in the market.
  • Help with Competition Pricing Assignment: The pricing is based on competition that is determined by market rivals. It indicates that a business is a based on its pricing. A company fixes the price of a product after comparing it with others.
  • Online Cost Based Pricing: Some companies utilize online cost based pricing because they based their pricing decisions on the total cost of a product. The total cost of a product comprises all expenses related to manufacturing, advertising, and delivery. A marker calculates the cost of a product and sells it for a profit. And the selling price is above the cost.
  • Product Line Pricing Assignment Help: The manufacturers create multiple products and trade those products under a product line pricing approach.

When You Choose a Source Check Some Features There. The Features are:

The quality of writing, Maintenance of confidentiality, Quality of expert writers, Free formatting and Bibliography, plagiarism checking, Ready to assist any time, and Assignments as your requirements.

The cheap assignment help websites do not take extra care of their customers. If your assignments are delayed or not delivered you only can imagine the effort it will take to claim refunds from them. The students who fall for low prices may gain unpleasant experiences. The cheap assignment writing services will not hesitate to resell your customized assignment to others. If you want to crosscheck go to Google search and you will be surprised to see the number of websites that promised to help you with the same assignment. You will jeopardize your academic grade by taking an online assignment help USA service. Always choose a website that charges 10$ per page. A reliable and popular assignment writing service will rarely charge anything less than 25$ per page. Here I am giving a primary theory about various assignments –

For high School assignment rate is 11$ to 42$, for undergraduate assignments the rate is 14$ to 46$, For PHD assignments the rate is 18$ to 53$. All of the rates depend upon the deadline. The deadlines can be 20 days to 3 hours. So, it is clear that the price of a paper depends upon some factors but all of these are under your control.

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