How to Increase the Length of the Essay? How Many Words Is Considered A Long Essay?


It can be a struggle sometimes to meet the required length of the essay, especially when you are going through multiple exams and papers. Sometimes, students introduce tricks while writing essays like increasing the margin size or making their font slightly bigger. These tricks work wonders but there are smarter ways to write a longer and high-quality essay to get high marks. If you follow our tricks, you do not have to worry about the length of your essay as this will help you increase the length as well as add clarity and depth to the topic. We also have assignment writing services on the GotoAssignmentHelp platform where you can find more than 180 subjects if you are dealing with assignment problems.

Here we have some amazing tips which can help you improve the process of writing:

If you are writing an essay where a comprehensive prompt or rubric has been provided, read it multiple number of times till you find out that you have answered all the questions in the prompt, you have provided enough evidence to back up whatever claims you have made, you have met all the requirements of the paper and you have not left any information that might increase the reader’s clarity on the argument. If you have done all the questions mentioned on the paper, revise through the paper once again.

Many times, ideas come to your mind while you are writing a paper. So, if the first thing that you wrote is the introduction of the essay, read again to find out if you have missed any important point to write in the introduction which will bring clarity in the reader’s mind about the topic. When you are writing the conclusion, make sure that you have summarized the main points in the essay and also provided a solution to consider. Revise your paper and that will let you know if you have made any mistakes.

Even if you cannot revise your essay, ask your friend, sibling or parent to read through your paper mentioning the points if they find anything confusing in it. You have more clarity on the topic so try to mention those points which you find unclear and so it is a helpful way where someone else looks over your paper to ensure that you haven’t missed any important details.

Quotations can make your essays look wonderful and it also adds the extra length to your essay. Quotations can enhance your argument and so you have to add meaningful quotations to your essay. Read through the material to see if you have missed any valuable quotes. You have to research if you can find any evidence to back up your argument. Though longer quotes are not that necessary for your essays but you can add some if you want to lengthen your essay. Here at GotoAssignmentHelp, you can easily find the best essay writers for you to solve your purpose and you do not have to worry about writing the essays.

After writing your essay, go through the outline where you have planned what to write throughout the essay and how many clarifications or examples you have to give. See the initial outline and make sure you have written all the points. Sometimes you may miss out the important part of the evidence so be alert while writing as it increases your essay length and also adds a bit of value in it.

Use words like “therefore”, “even though”, and “on the other hand” while linking sentences as graders look for these words. Make your sentences flow smoothly as you read through the essay. This will make your writing easy and will help you in lengthening the essay.

Read your paper aloud as this will make you aware of any grammatical error. When you rephrase them, it might make the length of the essay longer a bit. You might also realize that you did not include sufficient details within a paragraph.

Take a small break from your computer screen and ideas will eventually pop up in your mind. While you are typing on your computer screen the whole day, it is necessary that you take a break and eat a snack or go for a walk or talk with your friend on the phone.

Use multiple examples to back up your argument to give a better explanation of the argument. You might have provided only one example to back up the idea but find another example to prove your argument. It becomes a strong point.

If you find writing difficult, you can ask your instructor, teachers, professors, etc. to help you with your writing. Your instructor might provide some more tips on how to make your response better in the essay. If you face a lot of difficulties, GotoAssignmentHelp is there to help you with the best essay writing, homework services throughout the year.

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