How to Write a Statement of Purpose SOP?


In the beginning of this blog we need to know the exact meaning of Statement of Purpose (SOP).

A Statement of Purpose (SOP), also published as a research communication or a letter of design, is written to the admission committee and talks about their profession path, interests, professional benefactions, goals and the driving pressure behind pursuing an exceptional program. This is usually capitulated in the form of an essay; however, particular universities may also maintain it question-based. It is the most constituent part of their application that decides their admission in their preferred association. If you are searching for top assignment writing agency or need an assignment writer then hire our assignment writing help experts now.

Why is the Statement of Purpose Important?

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is the decision maker of their requisition. It helps the admission committee assess their take on life, their career goals, opinions, subject knowledge, and their fantasy. In short, a well-written SOP paints their general personality for the universities. It is a possibility to pitch their determination to the committee and reasons why they should choose the students over other candidates. A good SOP works great for faint academic profiles where in the students can recompensed by highlighting their future aims and goals. A well-written SOP also reflects how well the students can convey their thoughts using their writing skills.

What Should be Included in the Statement of Purpose?

There are many constituents that are important for the Statement of Purpose. Those are:

 Personal background

  • Financial background
  • Academic inside information’s.
  • Professional experience (full/part time, voluntary)
  • Immediate and long-term goals
  • Reasons why the students desire to study at this special institution
  • Reasons of being interested in the chosen field
  • About extra-curricular movements.
  • Published works, if any
  • Papers put forwarded, if any
  • Involvements, hobbies

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How Do the Students Write a Good Statement of Purpose?

Here are the three major steps the students demand to keep in inclination when writing their SOP:-

1. Plan it well

Create and delineate for their SOP and work appropriately. Sharing an incident that cultivated their interest in their subject is a good way to build their initiation. Create pointers and categories, list down their applicable achievements and competence, and most importantly, their reason behind choosing the procedure and the university.

2. Work on the draft

  1. Stick to essential information and outline. Don’t write concluded family history.
  2. Avoid perceptive financial details. If the students are applying for scholarships, a separate document will be demand for the same.
  3. Minute professional information. Talk about learning happenings, not about water cooler talks.
  4. Do not overstep the given word boundary.
  5. Be brittle, do not adulate in their language.
  6. Avoid too many professional terms.
  7. Do not lie in their Statement of Purpose, dishonesty may lead to elimination.
  8. Avoid using creative fonts or coloured papers
  9. Don’t write that the institution was not their first choice.
  10. Beware with disposition, it can backfire!

The efficient IDP advisers are always ready to escort the students in documenting a top level SOP that help them to obtain admission in the institution of their choice. So talk with the IDP counsellor for complete guidance.

Next We will Focus on the General Statement of Purpose Format

It is observe that most universities across the globe maintain a standard formation/pattern that is admissible. However, the subject matter in SOP differ with disparate kinds of directions. Here are few tips to the SOPs for different procedure here:

  • How to document an SOP for MBA Programme
  • How to document an SOP for MIM Programme
  • How to document an SOP for MS Programme
  • How to document an SOP for UG Programme

Counsel for SOP Writing:

Even there are an enumerates counts of process and illustrations accessible online for an SOP that candidates can apply for SOP writing, however, it is tough to select the appropriate format. Also, the students would not find the appropriate formatting details need for a definite draft or the abstract chronicle or description to obey.

Each SOP should be incomparable and thus, Shiksha has it’s admit counseling an SOP to aid the students decode the parts of anaffirmation of purpose so that it can be inducted certainly. To understand more about the appropriate processing and ambience of an SOP, students can read Shiksha counseling for SOP. For some courses like MBA ,PG, UG, and PhD, SOP samples and formats are available.

Different Course with Different Custom of Writing its SOP Application. Some Examples:

  • Sample SOP for MBA Courses
  • Format SOP for MS Courses
  • Sample SOP for UG Courses
  • Format SOP for PhD Courses

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A Query From the Side of the Students has been Solves as Whether They need to Put their Name on Statement of Purpose:

In an accustomed SOP, the students need no obligation to write the name or course details anywhere in the Dissertation report. The SOP is a part of their application/student profile, thus, it consists of their name and course content by default. Apart from this, there might be few universities or a school that wants a specification parts that content of student’s name and course details in the SOP. These institutions will provide the students with definite instructions on how and where a documentation of personal details necessary. Thus, the students need to follow the given instructions thoroughly. There is no definite arrangement to be even followed in an SOP for specific country. However, a university may provide a set of instructions based on which students may need to write their SOP. If they still want to assign to specimen for separate countries, they may check the generic examples given below:

  • Sample Format for USA SOP
  • Sample Format for Canada SOP
  • Sample Format for UK SOP
  • Sample Format for Australia SOP

Another Thing Needs to Know that What Criterion Institutions Look for in an SOP

While blueprint the SOP, students need to remember that the admission committee will be reconsidering many applications for the same course. Thus, not only the SOP needs to be brittle and accurate, but it should also highlight the uniqueness in their profile. Here are a few things that the institution review committee generally notices for in a candidate’s SOP:

  • The writing capability of the student is reflected in their SOP. Thus the SOP should be free from grammatical errors as well. The language should be incomprehensible enough for them to comprehend yet should have a good glossary.
  • What makes the students stand out from the rest of the crowd? Highlight their unique side/unique personality.
  • With their talent, previous experiences and interest, how and what can the student contribute to the department and college/university, as a whole? Think of it as a two-way process. The students need to citation how they will be able provide to their community, be it through sports, community services, societies or clubs, and so on.
  • Being familiar with the university facilities and modules will help the students a great arrangement. The students need to be alert of their programmes, faculty, apprenticeship, opportunities, student facilities and societies, traditions etc. that sets the university isolated from others.
  • Their motivation or encouragement to study a selected procedure should be clear, evident and appropriated. Adcom does not authorize of boasting sentences in the SOP. So keep it original, real, and free from any autocratic or imperious statements.


After reading this blog, we hope that the students have got some ideas on How to write a statement of purpose SOP. Whenthe students need to write any assignment or an essay or dissertation on any selected topic (or any other topic/s) by our experts please contact us. has been the best assignment help for students of all schools and universities, over the decades. For getting more information about writing your assignments, just login our website and place your Order Now.

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