The Essential Use of Linking Words to Use in An Assignment


A linking word expresses relations between clauses and sentences. We can connect our ideas and theories with various sentences to express something in the English language. We can use linking words for giving examples, adding information, summarizing things, contrasting ideas, etc. There are many uses of linking words present in English grammar. The linking words make writing more interesting and highlighting.

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Linking words are used in many cases and those are:

  • Linking words – Result:

When we mean to provide the result of what has already started, we used these words. Those words are  – Accordingly, As a consequence, As a result, Consequently, Due to, For this reason, Forthwith, Hence, Then, Therefore, Thereupon, Thus, Etc.

  • Linking words – Emphasis:

When we want to put forward an idea more forcefully, we use these words – Above all, Absolutely, Chiefly, Clearly, Definitely, Especially, Even, Importantly, In detail, In truth, Indeed, It should be noted, Naturally, Never, Obviously, Of course, Particularly, Without a doubt, To clarify, Undoubtedly, With attention, Truly, To emphasize, Surprisingly, Positively, Etc.

  • Linking words – Comparison:

In the process of comparing two or more than two people or things, we use these words – Both, Just as, Same as, Either or, Equally, Alike, Just like, Similarly, Similar to, As with, Correspondingly, In common, In the same way, Just like, Resembles, Still another, Etc.

  • Linking words – Condition:

 The state that describes a particular situation or thing – When, Then, As, Lest, If,   Since, Whenever, In that case, Unless, Even if, only if, Because of, Etc.

  • Linking words – Order:

When we mean any sequence, we use these words – Previously, Following, First/Firstly, Second/ Secondly, Third/ Thirdly, Finally, Before, Etc.

  • Linking words – Reference:

When we mean something that refers to or mentions something – With respect to, in terms, The Fact that, Regarding, Considering, With regards to, as applied to, As far as, Concerning, Etc.

  • Linking words – Space/ Location:

We use these words to clear a particular position of thing or position – Across, Underneath, Over, Near, Nearby, Beneath, Below, Around, Adjacent, opposite, on top, on the bottom, Etc.

  • Linking words – Summary:

When we mean to comprehend or brief abstract we use these words – In short, In a word, In brief, Altogether, Ultimately, to end, to conclude, In conclusion, as noted, Therefore, Overall, as you can see, in the end, Etc.

  • Linking words – Contrast:

These words mean the strong difference between two or more objects –  Yet, While, Even so, Nevertheless, In spite of/ Despite, Though, However, Alternatively, Unlike, Rather, Instead, Contrary to, Nor, Differing from, Etc.

  • Linking words – Addition:

We use these words when we add two or more sentences, words, things, subjects –  Besides, Moreover, And, Also, Further, Furthermore, As well as, Additionally, Last, Not only……but also, Together with, Etc.

  • Linking words – Reason:

These words mean the cause or explanation of any incident or situation – Because of, So that, in fact, Owing to, in order to, provided that, For the purpose of, Etc.

  • Linking words – Generalization:

Overall, Often, Mainly, Typically, Mostly, Commonly, as a rule, In general, Regularly, Etc.

We will provide at least two sentences using words from each section and we will show how the words are used in those sentences. We use linking words and phrases to join ideas together and make more complex sentences. We will describe these linking words and give an example sentence by using them. If you follow these carefully, you will understand how to use the linking words.

As a result: Most of the child of this generation does not go to the playground, and as a result, they fill very lonely in their life.

Then: If you dare to work hard then you will get success in the future.

Absolutely: Don’t inform the police when you are not absolutely sure about the criminal’s presence.

Undoubtedly: Who can believe a stranger undoubtedly?

Just as: Their garden is just as nice as ours.

Either or: Either John or Mr. Jack will win the reality show.

When: When will the teacher come into the classroom?

Only: Only the president has the power to access this file.

Previously: The name of the topper has been announced previously.

Finally: The total project of this company is finally done.

With respect to: With respect to your inquiry, the jury gave the verdict against the criminal.

As far as: As far as I know this is an apple tree.

Across: That beautiful bridge is across the Thames River.

Opposite: Though he behaves exactly opposite to his wife, no one ever believes this after seeing them together.

In a word: In a word, we can call the boy ambidextrous.

Ultimately: Ultimately she had come to her husband and started protecting him.

While: While I was reading, a sudden accident occurred on the road.

Instead: Always try to make friends instead of enemies.

And: James and his brother went to the library together. 

Also: He is a doctor and also a singer.

Because of: Because of my illness, I cannot attend the board meeting.

In fact: Every day he goes to school in fact he does not absent at the time of his illness. If you read this word’s classification and the sentences you will get knowledge from here

Overall: Though India was defeated by Australia in the last match, India won the overall test series.

Mainly:  This flower garden is mainly used for business purposes.

As well as: The gentleman is brave as well as loyal.

Too:  For the student, it is too hard to understand.

Furthermore: He said he had no intention to argue with her furthermore, he had not even contacted her.

Moreover: He got a room in the hotel at a reasonable price and, moreover, the location is perfect.

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These words are some of the best linking words. Linking words are so important in the English language that many famous writers from English literature used various kinds of linking words in their creations. If you hire experts through XYZ Company you will see how the experts write assignments using these words.

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