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Are you a student of English literature? Are you interested to know the features of essential language? Then this blog is going to be apt for you; here present our essay writer will guide you regarding the essential language features with the help of examples. 

Definition of Essential Language

Language is the basic tool for communicating with others. It is considered to be an essential tool for communication. But we must know that each language consists of some special features. As a reader, we may not have any knowledge regarding it, but poets, and writers who are engaged in creative writing use various types of literary devices and essential language features in their writing. But if you read a piece of writing, you may not be able to identify it if you don’t have any knowledge of it. But if you possess the idea of essential language, then you can easily recognize it and can understand from what perspective the writer has used it in his or her work. 

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We all know that the format of various genres of writing is not the same; for example, the art of writing poetry and prose is not all same. To write poetry, you must have the knowledge of literary devices that are generally used in it. The main aim of this language feature is to form normal writing to poetic form. But if you notice minutely, you will find not only prose and poems are written based on essential language, but all types of writing such as reports, academic papers, letters, and various types of documents are written by using this technique. 

Below our assignment help experts have explained the special features of essential languages and the techniques related to them that the authors use to convey their own ideas in the writing. There are various types of language features, but for your understanding, we have divided them into some categories, such as 

  • Language Techniques
  • Structural Techniques
  • Literary Devices

Language Techniques

Seeing the name you may consider it a difficult piece, but it is nothing but the words and phrases that the writers use in their story. By using this technique writers want to emphasize on the theme of the writing. You can find the language technique anywhere in your writing, it does not have any special position for placing. If you want to use it in your writing, you must have clear knowledge regarding it and by using it, you can deck up your content according to your wish. 

Some of the common verbal language technique is discussed below:

  • Noun – it is used to identify naming words such as persons, place, things or objects, etc. In writing, we use various types of nouns such as proper nouns, common nouns, abstract nouns, collective nouns, etc. 
  • Pronoun – pronoun is used in place of a noun. Some common pronouns are – I, me, he, she, who, whose, everybody, someone, etc that are used to connect with the readers. 
  • Adjective – it is such a part of speech that is used to describe the characteristics of a noun. For example – he is a good boy – here ‘good’ is the adjective that describes the boy. 
  • Adverb – An adverb is a part of speech or you can say a phrase that modifies the meaning of a verb, adverb, or adjective. The simplest way to identify an adverb is after the word ‘ly’ is added to it. For example – She sings sweetly. Some common examples of adverbs are finally, willfully, lightly, firmly, beautifully, quickly, etc. 

Structural Technique

The structural technique is such a technique that is used to focus on the structure of the language. Every language should maintain a proper structure otherwise it will lose its importance. Without structural technique, a simple sentence seems to be meaningless. 

Whatever you write whether it is a story, report, novel, etc, without a proper structure it will be meaningless. Not just a piece of writing, without a structure a single sentence also seems to be meaningless. 

Below, some of the common structural techniques are used that you must use in your writing. 

There are mainly three types of sentences that we use in our writing such as 

  • Simple sentence
  • Compound sentence
  • Complex sentence 

Simple Sentence

It is such kind of sentence that has one clause including a subject, a verb, or an object (optional). Simple sentences are usually short in length. It attracts more readers at a time as understanding it is quite easier than other forms of sentences. 

Example: the tree is uprooted. 

Compound Sentence

In a compound sentence, you will find two independent clauses that are connected with a conjunction. Through compound sentences, two ideas are connected. 

Example: I like to go to the sea but my brother likes to visit hills. 

Complex Sentence

It is such a sentence where two or more subordinate clauses are found. 

Example: he immediately returned to his home after receiving his mother’s message. 

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Other forms of structural techniques include

  • Punctuation: these are the symbols or marks that are used to express different meanings in a writing. By using punctuations, authors try to clarify the theme or the meaning of the writing. 
  • Repetition: it indicates using a particular word or phrase more than once to emphasize on the meaning of the writing.
  • Chronology: it indicates arranging all the incidents in an order of time so that readers can easily connect all the events. Various styles are used in chronology to arrange an event, such as linear, non-linear, reverse, etc.

Literary Techniques

Literary techniques are one of the essential language features that are used by writers for the narration of a story. Authors and writers use this particular technique to create prose, poems, and other forms of writing. 

Some common forms of literary techniques are

  • Idiom: it is made up of at least two words. Writers are given the freedom to use idioms liberally. By using idioms, authors or writers exaggerate their language and make it most interesting.
  • Metaphor: it is another common poetic device that is used in poems and other literary works.
  • Alliteration: using the same sound and letter at the beginning of pronunciation is called alliteration. It is mainly used in poems and dramas to make rhythm.
  • Allegory: it is the interesting expression of the writers through which they can express their political points of view and perspectives in a different way.
  • Simile: to describe a comparison between two things, a simile is used. If in a sentence you find the usage of ‘like’, ‘as’ etc, then consider it as the usage of simile. To describe a particular thing in detail, a simile is used.
  • Metaphor: it is one of the common literary devices that is used in poems and other forms of literature.
  • Imagery: it is the graphical introduction of a scene and by using it readers can use more readers at a time. It helps the readers to express their creativity through various characters and pieces of art. 

Conclusion: I hope after reading the blog you are now clear with the essential language features. If you have a clear knowledge of it, you can easily analyze all types of writing. while reading the blog if you find any kind of difficulties or want to know more about essential language features in detail, then you can ask our homework helper Malaysia experts who are always available for you. For more updates, you can visit our official website GotoAssignmentHelp.com and check the details of meeting our experts and availing of all types of services served by them. Just login our website and place your order now.

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