Usage of Alliteration with Examples


Have you ever wondered what alliteration is or why it is so widely popular literary device? Let me help you to understand the topic.

Definition of Alliteration

It is the most popular literary device in English literature which is used to flourish the writing. Alliteration is a technique in which two or more words that start with the same sound are used repeatedly in a sentence, or sometimes in a phrase. Here the sounds that are used repeatedly create the alliteration but we can’t consider the same letter to be alliteration.

In alliteration, consonant sounds in the neighbouring words or syllables are repeated in such a way that it creates a rhythm. Broadly speaking it doesn’t refer to the repetition of consonant letters that begin the words; rather it indicates the repetition of consonant sound at the beginning of the words.

In a sentence or a writing  there is no hard and fast rule that the words that begin with the same sound have to necessarily be placed near to each other for considering it alliteration.  It doesn’t indicate after how many words you can use the alliteration.

Then how to find out which one is alliteration and which not?

The best way to identify alliteration is – read the words loudly, if you find the similarity, consider it as alliteration.

For example, the phrase “kids’ coats” is alliterative as both the words in the phrase start with different letters but the sound of both the consonants through which the words begin is similar. On the other hand, if we see the phrase “thirsty typist” here the beginning letters of the words “th”, “ty” do not sound similar. So we can’t consider it to be alliterative.

Where do we use alliteration?

·Emphasis on words

The main reason behind using alliteration in writings is to emphasize the poem with pleasing sounds. By using alliteration, poets can easily attract readers’ or listeners’ attention towards the writing. It makes the subjects more interesting by its sounds and the words that create it are chosen in such a way that are linked together thematically and make the subject bold and interesting by its appropriate usage.

· To Make the writing Cheerful

By using alliteration poets create a lyrical quality that helps the writing to make cheerful and bright. Sometimes it helps the writing to give comic relief to the readers. It is specially seen in the children’s poem.

· To Create mood of the poem

It helps to build the mood of a poem. In a poem for its rhythmic and musical qualities it is used to shape the mood of the poem with different types of hard and soft sounds which are very useful in poetry.

For examples,

  • I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet
  • by and beat
  • and cry and came!
  • The furrow followed free
  • Silent sea

Usage of Alliteration in industry

  • Nowadays we find the usage of alliteration not only in the poem but in industry too. You may have questions regarding this.

Let me help you in solving your doubt.

In the present day, the advertisement industry uses alliteration in their work to make the content bold and attractive for the promotion of their products. 


  • Famous brands like Café Coffee day, Coca Cola, Big Bazaar, American Airlines, Range Rover, PayPal
  • Sports team like Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals,
  • Events and ideas of online business like Big Billion Day, Anytime Anywhere
  • famous characters like Donald Duck, Peter Parker, Mickey Mouse,  Daisy Duck
  • Musicians also use alliteration in their works. As usage of alliteration in the sentences and phrases give a playful effect which is easier to remember. That’s why when you hear a commercial line that easily attracts your attention and gets stuck in your mind.


  • Whisper words of wisdom, let it be (Let it Be by The Beatles)
  • And, baby, now we’ve got bad blood (Bad Blood by Taylor Swift)
  • This time, This place (Far Away by Nickel back)

Impacts of Alliteration upon Children

Alliteration can be used in any writing. Its usage in poems helps the children while they participate in creative writing activities. By its proper usage children can make a masterpiece and through this they gain appreciation from the elders which helps to build their confidence.

Alliterative tongue twisters are used to encourage the children at the initial stage to learn languages. It helps to improve the pronunciation of children, practicing of words and fluency of speaking too.

Reference of Poems where alliteration is used

1.   William Shakespeare, Sonnets, dramas like Romeo and Juliet, Helmet, Macbeth.

2.   Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

3.   S.T. Coleridge’s poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

Conclusion: you’ll find alliteration everywhere. You don’t have to find it differently. As you listen to the words in a song, poem or play you will be able to notice it easily if you have a clear idea about it. To know more in details you take help from the online assignment help Perth experts who’ll surely help you regarding this topic. To hire them log on to our official website and see the necessary details of hiring them.

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