What is A Claim in Writing With Examples? Definition & Types of Claims

How many Letters are in the alphabet?

Have you ever wondered if writing also claims?

Yes, it is true that proper writing claims a lot of things. If you don’t know those then let me tell you about these.

Definition of Claim

Claim in writing indicates mainly a claim in literature which represents a statement in which a writer presents an assertion as truthful to substantiate an argument. A claim may represent single or multiple statements to support an argument.
Claims are the evidence that writers use to prove their point of view.

For example: If a girl needs a smartphone, she will try to convince her parents by claiming that every other girl in her class   has a smart phone except her.

From the above example you can understand that the girl is giving an argument to support her position, it is considered to be a claim.
Different reasons are presented to prove why a certain argument should be accepted as logic.

The word claim is taken from the Latin word clamere, meaning “to cry out, shout”. But in literature claims have a totally different purpose. Here it presents the authors’ main idea or opinions which they can prove with evidence.
Now the question is how to write a claim? Many of you may don’t know this. Let me help you to write a claim.

How to write a claim?

While writing a claim you have to remember a lot of things in mind. Those are listed below:

  1. Find out the point about which you want to write. Remember that you can make only one point at a time.
  2. Always make your writing short and crispy i.e. don’t exaggerate your writing by using hyperbolic words. Make it simple and to the point.
  3. Your claims should be relevant to the topic.
  4. Represent your research paper, facts and evidence which you have prepared in support of your claim.
  5. Your logic should be prepared to defend the opposition’s opinion.

How to make claims in writing?

If you are making a claim in your writing it indicates that you are ready to present the main idea of the document which you have prepared. You can represent it as an argument that you support depending on your evidence in the form of a document.
Claim is no less than thesis writing. It is compared to a thesis just because the thesis also requires evidence to support your argument.

Types of writing in which claim is used

Claim is a very common type which is used in different types of writing. It is included in the assignment of school students and it is important to the professional world too. Here we will discuss the most types of writing where we can use claims.

  • Research Paper: claim is a necessary part of a research paper. While adding a claim in a research paper the writers are required to prepare their arguments to support their statement. In research papers claims remain logical in nature.
  • Essays: most of the essays contain a debatable topic through which you want the reader to agree or disagree with the logic mentioned in the essay, and your argument should be effective in favour of your claim.

Example: if in your writing your claim says fees of Private school should be reduced, then you have to represent your writing in such a way that supports your claim with evidence.

  • Literary analysis: in case of literature, a claim is a statement that assures you something to be true. It should be factual or judgmental.

Types of claims:

It is important to have an interesting topic and strong evidence in support of your claims. You have the option to choose the variation of claims through which you can make your writing attractive for readers. The types are discussed below:

  • Claims of Cause and Effect: in this type of claim writers argue that one thing is the consequence of the other i.e. one is the cause and other is the effect. This type includes questions like – why did this happen? Why is it so? What is the result of it? Here, your answer should be debatable.
  • Claims of value: in this type you have to argue about the good and bad qualities of something. You can compare your writing with others like this is better than that, I prefer writing essays than writing prose or something like this. For example, if you are saying Titanic is better than that, and then you are making your claim of value.
  • Claims of Fact: this type assures that something is approved or disapproved with fact and evidence. In this type you will find questions like – is it real or not? What happened? This type of claim should be debatable and it must present an assertion.

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